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The New Mathews Triax

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Mathews once again has stuck to the Halon era style bow for 2018, introducing the Triax. Coming off 2017 with the Halon 32, the Triax is essentially a shortened version of the Halon, with a 28” ATA. Now this short ATA scares a lot of shooters off because it is such a compact bow and allegedly tough to shoot, right? I beg to differ. The Halon series of bows have always shot and felt like a longer ATA bow, mostly due to the tall oversized cams.

The Triax has some mild changes to the riser (it’s shorter) this year which have to do with the dampening system. You will see the protruding EHS dampener just in front of the bottom limb pocket. You may also notice, that the limbs, cams, and AVS system appear the same, which is excellent. Why change something so good?

The draw cycle of the Triax is noticeably stiffer when compared to Halons of the past, but that’s too be expected because of the shorter ATA. As you first put pressure into the draw, you’ll feel that stiffness into the first third of the cycle, but it exponentially smooths out well before you approach the valley and finishes just like the Halon that we know and love. The Triax does have a slightly steeper string angle at full draw than the Halon, but it’s still easy to shoot and be consistent with. I sure haven’t had any shootability issues. In addition, the Triax is a compact bow. I see the Triax being popular with tree stand and ground blind hunters, but I know I will enjoy it as a Western hunting bow as well. I feel like I can put it in my back pocket and take off for a backcountry hunt hardly noticing it being on my pack.

Setting up and tuning the Triax was just like the Halon. Simple and fast. I always prefer a stiff arrow on all Halons, so I choose 300s at my specs (29”, 70 lbs). I have also gotten good results with 350s. Usually, I can eyeball centershot and nocking point and have the bow shooting perfect bullets after one or two arrows. It truly is that simple.

ATA: 28”
Brace Height: 6”
Draw Length: 24 ½” – 30 ½”
Mass Weight: 4.4 lbs
Speed: Up to 343 fps

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