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The blue catfish

The blue catfish is a large freshwater fish species that is native to the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio river basins of North America. It has a long, cylindrical body that is typically bluish-gray in color with a white underbelly. Blue catfish can grow to be very large, with some individuals reaching weights of over 100 pounds and lengths of over 5 feet.

Blue catfish are predatory fish that primarily feed on other fish, including shad, herring, and sunfish. They are also known to eat crayfish, mussels, and other aquatic invertebrates. Blue catfish are typically found in large rivers and reservoirs with slow-moving or stagnant water, and they prefer deep channels with rocky or sandy bottoms.

Blue catfish are a popular sport fish, and they are often targeted by anglers using bait such as cut shad or chicken liver. They are also prized for their large size and high quality flesh, which is firm, mild, and white. In recent years, blue catfish populations have become overabundant in some areas, leading to concerns about their impact on native fish species and the environment. 

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