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The Best RVs That Hold Their Resale Value

When it comes to RVing, the most exhilarating part isn’t necessarily the open road or the dream destinations – it’s the buying phase. Finding the right RV is part of the fun, so it makes sense to take your time searching for an RV that checks every box. What new buyers don’t always consider in their checklist is an RV that will hold its value.

There may come a time when you outgrow your RV and you’re ready to upgrade. Or, your camping adventures become less frequent, and it makes sense to rent an RV instead of own. For these reasons, it’s important to choose an RV that holds resale value. Other factors can help an RV retain, and even gain, value like personal upgrades you make, how well you maintain it, and the current market demand.

Every RV enthusiast will tell you about the rush of adrenaline that comes with collecting miles under your tires, but what often gets overlooked is where one journey ends and the next begins. Look ahead and prepare yourself for that fork in the road by investing in one of the best RVs that hold their resale value.

Forest River Forester Classic 2441DS

Resale Power Potential:

Holds 80% of its value after three years.

Forest River Forester Classic 2441DSForest River Forester Classic 2441DS (Image: Forest River)

A Class C motorhome that gives big wheel energy, the Forest River Forester Classic 2441DS is the perfect RV for the first-time buyer. Easy to navigate regardless of where the road takes you, the Forester is packed full of features that will leave you wondering why you didn’t join the RV lifestyle before now. With two slides and a walkaround queen mattress in the primary bedroom, the thought of making your home away from home your permanent home will cross your mind more than once.

Forest River Forester Classic 2441DS Specifications

Exterior Length: 27’1” Exterior Width: 101” Exterior Height: 11’3” Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 14,500 lbs. Sleeping Capacity: 6


2020 Forest River Forester.2020 Forest River Forester. Image by Camping World.

Shop all Forest River Forester RVs.

Keystone Cougar 32BHS

Resale Power Potential:

Holds 80% of its value after three years.

Quality construction? Check. Five-sided aluminum superstructure? Check. Foam insulation? Check. Fifth wheel hitch with max-turn technology? Molded end cap? Heated and enclosed underbelly? Check, check, and check! The Keystone Cougar 32BHS has it all including an excellent resale value. Why? Because a vacation home on wheels never goes out of style. With a beautiful kitchen for entertaining and a bunk room where everyone can crash afterward, you’ll be counting down the minutes until you’re on the road again thanks to this dream of a fifth wheel.

Keystone Cougar 32BHS Specifications

Exterior Length: 35’9” Exterior Width: 8’ Exterior Height: 12’2” GVWR: 11,500 lbs. Sleeping Capacity: 10

Shop all Keystone Cougar RVs.

Airstream Caravel 22FB

Resale Power Potential:

Holds 90% of its value after three years.

Airstream Caravel 22FBAirstream Caravel 22FB (Image: Airstream)

One of the most iconic travel trailers in the RV industry, the Airstream Caravel 22FB continues Airstream’s 90+ year reputation of producing one of the smoothest towables you’ll find anywhere. With a focus on reliability, durability, and, yes, towability, it’s no surprise that the Airstream Caravel is the best travel trailer when it comes to value retention. It’s compact, it’s upscale, it’s stylish, and it should be yours. Built to handle long distances while remaining light-weight and easy-to-tow, the Caravel is just as capable as it is durable lasting for generation after generation.

Airstream Caravel 22FB Specifications

Exterior Length: 22’2” Exterior Width: 8’ Exterior Height: 9’7” GVWR: 5,000 lbs. Sleeping Capacity: 4


2020 Airstream Caravel2020 Airstream Caravel. Image by Airstream.

Shop all Airstream Caravel RVs.

Airstream Interstate 24GL

Resale Power Potential:

Holds 95% of its value after three years.

Airstream Interstate 24GLAirstream Interstate 24GL (Image: Airstream)

Let’s talk luxury. Whether you’re on your way to a winery for a tasting, traveling up the road for a pregame tailgate, or taking the scenic route on the way to your beach house, the Airstream Interstate 24GL will get you there in style. Rated as the best Class B for holding value, the Airstream Interstate has consistently been the number one best-selling Class B diesel motorhome for six years and counting. Arrive at your next destination in comfort, with all the bells, whistles, and conveniences – like a kitchen and bathroom – that make this Class B worth the investment.

Airstream Interstate 24GL Specifications

Exterior Length: 24’6” Exterior Width: 6’7” Exterior Height: 9’8” GVWR: 11,030 lbs. Passenger Capacity: 9


2022 Airstream Interstate2022 Airstream Interstate. Image by Airstream.

Shop all Airstream Interstate RVs.

Forest River Georgetown Series 5

Resale Power Potential:

Holds 85% of its value after three years.

Forest River Georgetown Series 5Forest River Georgetown Series 5 (Image: Forest River)

If you want your pick of the litter, then pick any model within the Forest River Georgetown Series 5. The best Class A for value retention since 2019, the Forest River Georgetown offers great floorplans, plenty of storage, various décor options, wireless technology, and more. From spacious galley kitchens to super-size dinettes, your friends and family will be begging to hit the road at every opportunity.

Forest River Georgetown Series 5 Specifications

Exterior Length: 34’11” – 37’11” Exterior Width: 100” Exterior Height: 12’9” GVWR: 22,000 lbs. Sleeping Capacity: 7


2021 ForestRiver Georgetown2021 Forest River Georgetown. Image by Camping World.

Shop all Forest River Georgetown RVs.

Winnebago Micro Minnie 1700BH

Resale Power Potential:

Holds 80% of its value after three years.

When it comes to the best Winnebago travel trailer for holding value, the Winnebago Micro Minnie 1700BH wins every time. Small, lightweight towables are growing in popularity, particularly among Gen Z and Millenial RV campers who are more likely to own a crossover SUV rather than a large pickup truck. With trends headed in that direction, you know this approachable entry-level camper will be in demand.

Proof that good things really do come in small packages, the Micro Minnie is compact but doesn’t compromise features. With a large dinette, spacious kitchen, and flexible storage, this one might be small but its mighty in both long-lasting performance and resale value.

Winnebago Micro Minnie 1700BH Specifications

Exterior Length: 20’9” Exterior Width: 7’ Exterior Height: 10’5” GVWR: 4,200 lbs. Sleeping Capacity: 5

Shop all Winnebago Micro Minnie RVs.

Jayco Redhawk SE 22C

Resale Power Potential:

Holds 90% of its value after three years.

Jayco Redhawk SE 22CJayco Redhawk SE 22C (Image: Jayco)

One of the top Class C motorhomes for resale value, Jayco offers its best Class C with the Redhawk SE 22C. Built on the Chevrolet 450 chassis, the Redhawk is designed specifically to enhance comfort on the road and at the campsite. It’s an ideal option for couples experimenting with the RV lifestyle for the first time or families looking to switch from a travel trailer. With its easy-to-navigate driving ability that is expected in a Class C combined with its incredible value retention potential, the Redhawk is a solid choice for anyone interested in RVing.

Jayco Redhawk SE 22C Specifications

Exterior Length: 25’2” Exterior Width: 8’4” Exterior Height: 11’6” GVWR: 14,200 lbs. Sleeping Capacity: 5

Shop all Jacyo Redhawk RVs.

Grand Design Reflection 303RLS

Resale Power Potential:

Holds 80% of its value after three years.

Grand Design Reflection 303RLSGrand Design Reflection 303RLS (Image: Grand Design RV)

Consistently holding value over NADA book values, the Grand Design Reflection 303RLS holds the best value at 10% over book making it one of the best fifth wheels for any RV owner. Just as its name suggests, Grand Design leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to the design and function of its RVs – including the Reflection. Theater seating, tri-fold sofa, free-standing dinette, entertainment center with fireplace, pantry, linen closet, radius shower with skylight, walk-around queen bed, and more make your home away from home the only place you want to be. You don’t have to use your imagination to think this could be a full-time home on the road.

Grand Design Reflection 303RLS Specifications

Exterior Length: 32’9” Exterior Width: 8’ Exterior Height: 12’3” GVWR: 11,995 lbs. Sleeping Capacity: 5

Shop all Grand Design Reflection RVs.

The Best RVs for Holding Their Resale Value

There you have it – the best RVs that hold their resale value. Whether you’re purchasing your first RV as a weekend warrior or trading in something old for something new, you can’t go wrong with any of the RVs listed here.

What do you look for when shopping for an RV? Are you worried about it retaining value? Tell us in the comments below!

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