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The Best GoPro Black Friday Deals: Early Bargains on Outdoor Camera Gear

The GoPro HERO9 can film video in 5K resolution and take 20-megapixel photos.
The GoPro HERO9 can film video in 5K resolution and take 20-megapixel photos. (GoP/)

Spending time outdoors feels more necessary now than ever. And filming your outdoor adventures? It’s never been easier—or more affordable, thanks to the GoPro Black Friday sale. Because of advances in camera technology, you don’t need to worry about missing the action due to poor framing. Just check the front-facing screen or your phone. Cameras, lights and other equipment, which once needed multiple people to carry and set them up, now fit in the palm of your hand. And accessories like magnets, clips and waterproof cases mean if you can dream up a shot, you can film it. From high in the trees while camping or hunting to below the water’s surface while fishing, there’s almost nothing you can’t capture using a GoPro.

This year saw the debut of the GoPro HERO9 Black—its newest and most advanced model to date—as well as the GoPro Zeus Mini Light, a waterproof LED panel that magnetically sticks to a clip and doesn’t require a camera to operate. It’s not even Black Friday yet, which falls on November 27th this year, but there are already loads of GoPro Black Friday holiday shopping promotions. Check them out below!

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The Best GoPro Black Friday Deals 2020

We’re all after the latest and greatest, whether for ourselves or for our loved ones. Bundles on GoPro’s new HERO9, which includes a subscription to GoPro Live, are bound to please the adventurers and filmmakers in your life.

GoPro Zeus Mini—$50. The saying isn’t “Action-camera, lights,” it’s “Lights! Camera! Action!” When it comes to filming, whether in a studio or a forest, the first thing to consider is your lighting—the more light you have access to, the better. And if you’re outdoors, you’ll want something that’s reliable, portable, has multiple brightness settings and (ideally) is waterproof. The Zeus Mini is all that and more. It’s magnetic, swivels 360-degrees and comes with a clip to attach to dimly-lit or tough-to-reach places. Plus, it has four brightness settings and outputs up to 200 lumens, so you can get the ideal amount of light for your clip—use it in conjunction with other lights or as a stand-alone source.

GoPro Storm Dry Waterproof Backpack—$100. When you’re on a hike or carrying camping equipment, keeping your hands free is ideal. The Storm Dry Waterproof Backpack has an adjustable GoPro hands-free shoulder mount, so you can capture anything you see on your travels. This 35-liter bag can stand up to whatever elements you throw at it, keeping your gear dry and protected—whether it’s your camera or your clothes.

GoPro Sparrow Lightweight Water-resistant Windbreaker—$70. Don’t get weighed down by heavy jackets and multiple layers in the rain or wind. GoPro’s Sparrow Lightweight Windbreaker is vented to keep you comfortable and dry in extreme weather. It’s soft and lightweight, but will protect you from the elements with an 82-gram fabric. And it won’t crimp your style, since the three-panel, mesh-lined hood is designed to fit over a cap.


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