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The Benefits of wearing a Plate Carrier Vest

Plate Vest

In today’s world, buying body armor has become very common as you never know what situation you might put yourself into. These armors are designed to protect people from different levels of threat such as guns, knives, daggers, and even protect you from certain explosions. Amongst the many armors available in the market, the plate carrier vest is one of the most common vests you will find. 

Body armor comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors that are suitable for people in different professions. Earlier armor was only given to the military or police as they were the first line of contact in any kind of situation whether riots, disasters, crime, or even terrorist attacks. However, today people have direct access to these vests so that they can defend themselves and their families without any worry.

A plate carrier is a piece of armor gear that is fused or combined with ballistic plates that are bulletproof and protect from your different types of guns. These are most commonly used by law enforcement or the military as they harder pierce through. You will also find many fitness regimes that have been making full use of these plates as it helps them reach their maximum workout potential. 

If you are looking for a plate carrier vest, there are several things you need to know on how it can benefit you. These vests offer various levels of protection so when choosing one think about the reason behind the purchase. Bulletproof Zone has a great collection of Plate Carrier that you can choose from and works best for you.

In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of using a plate carrier vest:

Protection Level

When it comes to carrier vests they are far stronger and more sturdy compared to the regular vests. The reason is quite simple as they are thicker and have panels inserted in your vest. These carriers also protect you from heat, bullets, and even explosives to an extent. So make sure that you choose the right one according to your needs. 


If you are new to MOLLE or Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment, it is one of the key elements of a plate carrier vest. Plate vests are often equipped with compartments of pouches that allow an individual to carry other necessary gears on them efficiently. You won’t always see this in other body armor but in plate carriers, it plays an essential part. 


When you buy a plate carrier you will notice that they are heavier than regular vests mainly because of the ballistic plate. So if you are someone looking for comfort then a plate carrier vest is exactly what you need. 

With these vests, you will get straps and cummerbunds that ensure your vest stays in place at all times. At the same time, it even allows users to adjust the vest perfectly to their body and have a more secure fit. 


Now you may wonder why the weight of this vest can be considered as a benefit. Well, it’s quite simple, because these vests are heavier and offer more protection. So if you are someone looking for a quick movement vest then you must not consider these vests. The weight will be a hindrance especially if you need to move fast during a mission. 

But the benefit is that the plates used in this weight can stop bullets not only from pistols or handguns but from certain rifles too. So consider carefully the reason for your purchase and choose the right approach to your mission or situation. You can even use a vest for your hunting trips so if you are interested you can add it to your hunting gear essentials

Fitness Purposes 

Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for ways to improve their workouts and gain maximum benefits from their routines. One big step that many fitness trainers have approached in a plate carrier vest allows them to train with greater resistance when training. 

If you are training with weights for the first time, you can consider smaller plates or less heavy weights so that you can exercise properly. As you grow in your fitness regimes, you can then opt for bigger weights that will match your fitness level and push you towards your fitness goals. Keep in mind that when working out with plates you need to have a proper fit plate carrier vest or else it can even lead to injuries.  

Final Thoughts 

A plate carrier vest can be a great choice for many individuals, however, it all comes down to a person’s preference and comfort. When choosing a plate carrier vest make sure that you watch out for several features that will help you during your training.

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