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The Authentic Woobie

Authentic Woobie

The Woobie has long been a term of endearment for the United States military-issued poncho liner. The official definition of a woobie is any object, typically a blanket, garment or stuffed animal, that is used for its comforting characteristics. Basically, a woobie is a security blanket. The US military poncho liner is an item of field equipment made from quilted nylon with a polyester filling that can be attached to a standard-issue poncho to provide additional warmth or used alone as a blanket, sleeping bag or protective cover. These poncho liners, or “woobies” as they are called, are highly regarded pieces of equipment and soldiers will do whatever they can to keep them around for life.

The first time, I came into contact with a Woobie was about the time I could walk. My father had kept his after a tour of duty in Vietnam and it was always around. We used it as a picnic blanket or my sister and I would wrap ourselves up in it on long trips. It made for a wonderful fort, and was sometimes at the bottom of our tent for a little added warmth. I have seen quarters of deer wrapped up in the woobie and honestly no matter what you threw at it, dumped on it, sat it in, rolled around in, the woobie could be tossed in the washing machine, cleaned and be ready for use. This blanket really does do it all. 

I want to be clear, I personally have never earned my own woobie, but my heart goes out to every single U.S. soldier who has earned their own. I bought my first woobie at a military surplus store when I was about 19 years old in Portland, Oregon. I had left home to go to college and was just starting to do some camping when I walked into a surplus store and saw one of these blankets and I bought it on site. I wrapped up my first archery doe in it to keep the trunk of my Mazda GLC clean; it mostly worked. Since then that woobie has been on many adventures with me.

For the last 30 years, IFB Solutions has manufactured the Authentic Woobie and began selling these to the public shortly afterwards. These are produced to the exact military specs as provided to the armed forces. It even comes with an official certificate of authenticity. IFB Solutions started a little over 85 years ago to create jobs for people who are blind or visually impaired. IFB, originally Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind, began making the Woobie or All-Purpose Poncho Liner in 1991 and has since produced over three million woobies for the U.S. military. 

Authentic Woobie Quick Facts:

Made in the USA with American-made components.Silky smooth, durable, water repellent 30 denier ripstop nylon exterior in U.S. Army Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP)/front, Tan 499/back.ClimashieldTM continuous filament batting for superior warmth and loft.Identical stitch counts and sew patterns for NSN 8405-01-672-8526.Eight sets of 9” nylon cord ties; 91.5” x 65.5” excluding ties; machine wash.Add to poncho, use for improvised shelter or sleeping bag.

Currently, the only place you can acquire a new Authentic Woobie is through Amazon for civilians. They make a great gift; they are an essential part of our kit and we could not recommend them more. The Authentic Woobie is the one you want to order and this is the only link to get one that is not a cheap knockoff from China. Get the Authentic Woobie and support an American business.

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