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TETRA Hearing™ Multi-Pursuit AlphaShield Offers Hearing Perfection with Infallible Protection

There are various quality brand hearing protection products on the market; most of those products allow by-pass of voice and ambient sounds and a few of those products include hearing “enhancement.” None offer “pursuit-based hearing enhancement” among all these products except one. TETRA Hearing™ offers hunters both hearing protection and pursuit-based hearing enhancement in their Shield Series and Amp Series products.

Why hearing protection is critical, and pursuit-based enhancement is important

Sound is measured by decibels (dB), and studies have proven that hearing loss can occur when sounds reach 85 dB or higher. Hearing loss happens in varying degrees from a single gun blast or gradually when repeatedly exposed to sounds above 85 decibels. In comparison, a household vacuum cleaner can measure 70 dB, lawnmowers and shop tools vary from 80 to above 120 dB, turkey and duck calls can measure up to 120 dB, average firearms can measure above 140 dB, and big-bore rifles and shotguns can measure more than 175 dB. Once a person’s hearing is impaired from exposure to loud noises, the damage is permanent and cannot be reversed. Taking those measurable numbers and instances into consideration, protection against hearing loss and damage should be every shooter’s most critical priority.

Hunters face a unique dilemma when donning many brands of hearing protection–the inability to hear the hunt. Hearing the sounds of the woods while in pursuit of wild game is a significant factor in the hunt’s success. With all of the brands currently on the market designed for shooting sports, there is one thing in common—they all protect the user’s hearing from damage, and a few even amplify the hunt. Albeit, ALL of the hunt, the hunter’s footsteps, wind, rain, insect noises, birds chirping, and all of this at these sounds on the same level. None of the products offer accurate “pursuit-based amplification.” Simply put, no product until the introduction of TETRA Hearing™ has been able to isolate and amplify important game animal sounds while keeping ambient sounds a hunter doesn’t want to hear low and unobstructed.

Why most hearing protection/enhancement products are inadequate

Many hunters have purchased electronic inner-ear devices advertised to protect their ears from harmful sounds and allow them to hear game animals in the wild but often find that the product worked well for hearing protection but failed in what they needed for amplification of the game animal they were hunting. The enhancement feature included all ambient sounds in their immediate surroundings, such as leaves rustling in the wind, wind blowing, birds chirping, the chorus of insects, and the sounds of footsteps while stalking. This results in a hunter being virtually unable to hear game animals they are pursuing beyond the preys’ nearest approach if they are even lucky to hear them at that point. It is very disappointing to find that their investment was for a product that offered amplification of all ambient sound with the added protection from harmful sounds but was useless for game sound enhancement and not ideal for the successful pursuit of wild game. More often than not, this situation causes hunters to remove the devices after enduring what is no longer the subtle sounds of nature, leaving them exposed to harmful sounds.

What makes TETRA Hearing™ different

TETRA Hearing™ offers a simple to use innovative technology allowing its products to be like no other. TETRA Hearing™ introduced Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO) to hunters that isolates and enhances critical sounds for success in their pursuit of game animals with a simple tap of the unit while wearing it. The technology identifies and separates the exact frequencies used to enhance critical sounds for waterfowl hunting; gobbles, clucks, yelps for turkey hunting; bugles for elk hunting; grunts and bleats for deer hunting; and voices on the range. The enhancement of these wild game sounds is separated from the sounds hunters don’t need to interpret, such as rustling leaves in the wind, raindrops, the hunter’s footfall, and the brush of materials in the stand. Above and beyond enhancing ambient sounds a hunter does want to hear, the AlphaShields protects hunters from damaging sounds such as gun blasts and loud, repetitive calls from game calls. 

AlphaShield Compression™ is designed to protect hunters from sustained loud sounds such as loud calling, where it offers a limited overall output until the sound returns to a safe level. This technology provides instant shut down of loud noises such as gun blasts and immediate recovery, so the hunter doesn’t miss any follow-up sounds after the shot. ClearComm™ is a built-in proprietary algorithm that allows clear speech communication on the range, duck blind, or the whispers in the field or on the hunt.

Which TETRA Hearing™ AlphaShield model is suitable for you

TETRA Hearing™ offers two AlphaShield models, the 60- and 90-level units, including Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO) and AlphaShield Compression™. Knowing which product is right for you will be based on several factors; hearing loss, how often you hunt in windy terrain, if you will be wearing your units in non-hunting situations, or if you prefer beep or voice prompts. The most important factor is if the user already suffers from hearing loss, in which case the 90-level will perform the best for this user.

What you can expect from TETRA Hearing™ AlphaShield

The comfort and fit of the TETRA Hearing™ AlphaShield are unparalleled, with the Universal Fit model comfortably fitting about 95% of wearers, and the Custom Fit model is custom-molded, offering an exact fit for the user. The product can be inserted and removed effortlessly, even with gloved hands, and are comfortable to wear from sun-up to sundown in any weather condition. The units are waterproof, are entirely inner ear, and do not interfere with shooting, headwear, wearing face masks, neck gaiters, or hooded garments. The units are powered by readily available hearing aid batteries that offer up to 90 hours. TETRA Hearing™ products are made in the USA and have a one-year warranty.

Each unit is programmed to optimize the consumer’s hearing profile based on an online test at By following the instructions on the website, each unit can be optimized to provide the perfect hearing enhancement based on the results of the hearing profile test.

Included with each pair of multi-pursuit AlphaShields is a waterproof storage case, a clamshell-style zippered carrying case, cleaning tool, a six-pack of size 10 hearing aid batteries, a boxed set of three pairs of silicone replacement tips, and three pairs of medical-grade memory-foam replacement tips in small, medium, and large for your customizable comfort. TETRA Hearing™ offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

A price cannot be put on hearing, and once impaired, there is no reversing the damage. As we all know, the damage can result from a single gun blast or repeated exposure to loud sounds. Those that have hearing loss know firsthand what the loss amounts to. Every season, many hunters converge on the woods with hearing impairment, making it difficult and frustrating. TETRA Hearing™ not only offers a solution for the protection of hearing to all hunters but also is the first to offer pursuit-based enhancement of the sounds of the hunt. This is not only an incentive for any hunter; it is a massive advantage for those hunters who participate in hunting and shooting sports who already suffer from hearing loss. Invest in protecting your hearing and “HEAR THE HUNT” with TETRA Hearing™.

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