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Tennessee Hunting

Hunting is a popular outdoor activity in Tennessee, with a diverse range of game species available throughout the state. Some of the most popular game species for hunting in Tennessee include white-tailed deer, wild turkey, black bear, waterfowl, and small game such as squirrel and rabbit.

To hunt legally in Tennessee, hunters must obtain a hunting license and any necessary permits for the specific species they wish to hunt. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) is responsible for regulating hunting and fishing in the state, and hunters can find information on hunting regulations and seasons on their website.

Tennessee offers a variety of public and private lands for hunting, including national forests, wildlife management areas, and private hunting preserves. Some popular hunting destinations in Tennessee include the Cherokee National Forest, Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, and the Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge.

Hunting in Tennessee is regulated by strict safety guidelines, and hunters are required to take a hunter safety course before obtaining a hunting license. Additionally, hunters must follow ethical hunting practices and respect wildlife and the environment while pursuing their quarry.

Overall, Tennessee offers a diverse range of hunting opportunities for both residents and non-residents, making it a popular destination for hunters from across the country. 

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