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Product Review: EcoFlow Brings Next-Level Power & Size To RVers

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Just when I thought I had seen it all, our UPS driver (who now hates me) rolled up with this 99-lb behemoth, known as the EcoFlow DELTA Pro. Not only are the potential uses seemingly endless, but the EcoFlow DELTA Pro has more ways to charge back to full power than I have ever seen.  

If it isn’t obvious from the pictures, it will be from the specs provided later, but the EcoFlow DELTA Pro is not your standard “battery pack” to charge up your iPhone when camping. Sure, it will do that; in fact, if you could find a way to plug them all in somehow, it would charge over 700 phones. Obviously, that’s not a practical use case for an RVer, but seeing that 30-amp receptacle on the front of the unit should start to give you a sense of what this portable power station will do.

That 30-amp plug on the EcoFlow

There are a lot of things to talk about here, but let’s address that standard 30-amp plug on the front. Yes, you can plug your RV into the EcoFlow. Yes, it will power your camper, including the air conditioner. In fact, with something like the new SoftStartUp plugged into the EcoFlow, you should be able to run two air conditioners.

Don’t need A/C right now? No problem. The EcoFlow Delta Pro has loads of power for dozens of other uses.

The EcoFlow ULTRA Pro
Couple sits in front of class c motorhome with portable power and solar panel
a hand holds a phone with the ecoflow mobile app running
Ecoflow devices connected to a smart home panel
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Camping World’s Guide to RVing Death Valley National Park

Located on the border of California and Nevada, Death Valley National Park is a place of extremes. It’s the hottest (134° F) and driest (1.3 inches of moisture per year) place in North America, the second lowest point in the Western Hemisphere (282 feet below sea level), and the largest national park in the contiguous United States. 

It also features a fantastic range of habitats, ranging from 282 feet below sea level to 11,049 feet above. The park offers the unique and unusual, including ancient geology exposed to upheaval from within the earth to playas holding primeval stories and valuable minerals. 

Death Valley is home to canyons curving through arid landscapes and flora and fauna that have adapted to thrive in harsh conditions. This is a destination for the curious, the hearty, and the exuberant because it requires close inspection and dogged resilience to celebrate the discoveries made where few dare to explore.

Why Visit Death Valley National Park in Your RV?

With all the extremes that Death Valley presents, why would you want to visit the park in your RV? As you venture from the lowest spot in the country to desert mountaintops, your RV home allows you to explore the park in comfort. 

With a motorhome or travel trailer, you can bring your own shade and experience more of the park on your own schedule. In fact, many RVers stay for long stretches in this unusual place, exploring its many juxtapositions. 

Photo Tripping America - Death Valley - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Death Valley - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Death Valley - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Death Valley - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Death Valley - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Death Valley - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Death Valley - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Death Valley - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Death Valley - Camping World
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Does Disney World Have RV Camping?

So you want to go to Disney World and you want to bring your RV? Disney World is known as “the most magical place on earth,” and it’s often a bucket-list destination for traveling families. it’s also known for its fantastic RV resorts, restaurants, and even five-star accommodations. But can you RV to Disney World? The short answer is yes!

The Magic of Disney World and RVing

There are typically three main factors affecting your camping experience while visiting Disney World.

First is location, how close to Disney World you will be?The second is price; proximity will determine how expensive the trip will be. Finally, availability of reservations at nearby campsites.

Let’s take a look at a few very popular camping locations you should consider if you want to plan an RV trip to Disney World.

Disney World’s Fort Wilderness

Image: Keith of Soulful RV Family

The first, and most expensive, route happens to be the closest to the Magic and that is staying on Disney property in Disney’s very own Fort Wilderness. This campground annually ranks as one of the country’s top 10 campgrounds in the US. Located on 750 acres of woodland within the Walt Disney World Resort, this campground has multiple options for every camper. From tent sites, and cabins to premium campsites, there’s truly a type of accommodation for just about everyone.  

Fort Wilderness is the only campground that provides you the same benefits as staying in a Disney World hotel. These benefits include early park admission, specialty events, and free transportation from the campground to all the theme parks, plus many more. 

Fort Wilderness RV Camping
Christmas at Fort Wilderness
RV Camping at Orlando RV Resort
Lake Louisa State Park
Disney World RV Camping
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How to Find Your RV Travel Pace

When I first set out on the road full time, I had big ambitions. I was going to visit all the national parks and all 50 states. Twelve months after I started my new life I was obviously going to arrive in Alaska with perfect conditions to embark upon the famed Alaska – Patagonia trip that is a full-time nomad’s rite of passage.

Unfortunately, my dreams were a lot bigger than my gas tank, and my previous rig didn’t take me on half of the adventures I’d hoped it would. It did, however, teach me a lot about the speed and ways that I prefer to tackle traveling. While I’m still no expert, I find that it has provided me a basis from which to advise friends, family, and folks on the internet when they ask the question “how fast should I realistically be trying to travel?”

Finding Your RV Travel Type

Image: Jupiter Moon

I like to think most travelers fall into one of three categories:

The Wanderers

First, we have “Wanderers”. They’re slow-moving and thorough in the experience of a place, state, or region. When I’m not on a timeline for a shoot or project, I find that my travel style naturally falls into this category.

Wanderers enjoy spending anywhere from several days to multiple weeks in one spot (some will even call the same locale home for a month or more if it suits them). They’re generally intentional about building flexibility into their travel plans. These folks generally work from home or are retired, and are happy to set up a home base anywhere there’s a good cell signal and a nice view.

RV Window Overlooking Glacier National Park
Older Couple RV Landscape
RV Wanderer Base Camp
piggy bank
Dog-Friendly Campgrounds with 2 Traveling Dogs
Service tech working on a class C
RV Camping with Dog
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Pros and cons of owning RV Land

Although it is a huge trend these days, there are many pros and cons of owning RV Land that need to be considered before jumping in and deciding to develop your own property. We're no experts, but after spending the last nine months buying and then developing five acres of forested land for our own private RV retreat in Middle Tennessee, we have learned a few things that may save you time and money if owning RV land is high on your bucket list. We share the pros and cons of owning RV land in Episode 409 of the RV Podcast, as well as answering your RV Lifestyle questions and reporting the RV News of the week.

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Discover The Best RV Campsites In The Northwest

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You’ll find that features always vary on what indicates a top 10 campsite. So, in this list of the best campsites in the Northwest, RV parks were located by searching for campgrounds that have the highest star rating from RVers and also include full hookups. 

You may want to do additional research on RV LIFE Campground Reviews to see what other RVers are saying about each location. Here’s a list to get you started thinking about when and where to visit the top campsites in the Northwest.

1. Columbia Sun RV Resort

Columbia Sun RV Resort in Kennewick, Washington has nice, paved roads and large pull-thru RV sites with cement patios and up to 50-amp service. They also offer restrooms, showers, Wi-Fi, and a pool.  

Tips from RVers say there are a lot of eating options nearby. You can take a nice walk along the Columbia River. And there are many great wineries within a short drive. The resort has a 9.2-star average rating from 244 reviews. Reviews were from motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels–and even a truck camper too.

Columbia Sun RV Resort
Longhorn Ranch Lodge
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Southwest Golf Courses

The post Southwest Golf Courses appeared first on Good Sam Camping Blog.


How to Make Your RV a Wellness Escape

Wellness travel is on the rise. What is it? A style of of travel that underscores the pursuit of balance between health, self, and place. RVing supports wellness and life balance in so many ways:

It slows down travel for a more relaxed and intentional experience.It provides custom options for healthy meals and dining, thanks toa kitchen you can take anywhere.It provides a canvas for design customization so your travel environment is cozy and inviting.It encourages a balance between work and life.

I’m a single mom living in an RV full-time with my kid and our two dogs. One of the things that I take pride in since we work and homeschool primarily from our tiny home is that we take our time to create our own oasis, custom to our needs. One result of this has meant that we have less clutter than we used to in previous RVs. And clutter-free living and traveling make for a happy mind and body.

Whether you travel in an RV full-time, part-time, or for the occasional road trip getaway, your RV is ready and waiting to be your own wellness retreat. Here’s how.

Choosing the Right RV

Image: Bionca Smith

Before we moved into our Keystone Premier, my excitement grew about prioritizing wellness, and finding a home that would provide what I needed to work as a content creator. We shopped for RVs that suited us best by keeping this in mind until we found elements such as ample natural lighting and an RV that was aesthetically pleasing without being too distracting.

Next, I made it my mission to create a space that I could enjoy working in that would also be my wellness escape for the times when I don’t feel like leaving my RV. Learn how to make an RV office that enhances your well-being and workflow.

RV Interior Wellness Escape
Clean RV Kitchen
Dog Crate Kennel in RV
RV Bedroom Wellness Escape
RV Trip with Couple
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10 Best Wilderness Survival Books for RVers & Campers

RVers love to camp from the safety of our RV, but we often venture into remote places that can turn dangerous quickly. 
Whether RVers get lost hiking for the day or get their RV stuck somewhere, these wilderness survival books can help them do just that. Survive the wilderness!

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Why You Need an RV Water Pressure Regulator

Water is essential to all facets of our lives, which includes RVing. Whether you have a used motorhome or a new motorhome, you’ll need fresh water to cook, clean, bathe, and stay hydrated. That means ensuring your RV’s fresh water tank is sanitized and filled or connecting to city water.

This podcast episode is about the importance of filtering water from these connections, but you should also be worried about the water pressure. Too much water pressure increases the risk of damage to your RV’s plumbing and hoses. Luckily there’s something you can do: add a water pressure regulator.

Let’s take a closer look at what a water pressure regulator can do for you and why you need one for your RV.

How Does an RV Water Pressure Regulator Work?

Photo by Camping World

A water pressure regulator is simply a valve that reduces the water pressure from a city water source (they aren’t essential for filling your freshwater tank). These regulators are designed to reduce water pressure to an acceptable level that’s safe for the plumbing systems in modern RVs. but they also protect your RV’s water hose and filtration systems.

Do I Need a Water Pressure Regulator for my RV?

Photo by Camping World

Drinking water from city water connections will offer varying pressures depending on the campground or RV park you’re staying in. Additionally, water pressure at each campsite isn’t something that campgrounds routinely monitor. This means you might have a low-pressure connection that’s perfectly safe for your RV at one location, but your next location could have a high-pressure connection that creates issues for your RV’s plumbing.

filling the water tank of a campervan in campground area
Why you need a water pressure regulator for your RV
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How to Change the Oil and Air Filter on Honda Portable Generators

Just like an automobile engine, you must keep your generator clean and free of dirt and debris to keep it running properly. The oil must be changed regularly, and the air filter should be replaced. We have compiled a step-by-step tutorial on how to change the oil and air filter on Honda portable generators, the EU1000i and EU2000i. 

The process may vary slightly for other Honda generators. Consult your owner’s manual for your generator’s exact oil and air filter maintenance procedures.

How to Clean a Generator

Photo by Camping World

To clean your generator, simply wipe it down with a moist cloth. For best results, clean your generator when it is completely cool. Never pour water on or into your generator for any reason.

Here are a few more safety tips for using and maintaining portable generators.

How to Change the Oil on Honda Portable Generators

Photo by Camping World

It is best to drain used engine oil when the oil is warm, not hot. If you’ve recently been running your generator, shut it down and allow it to cool for 15-20 minutes before changing the oil. It can also be helpful to place the generator on an elevated platform to make it easier to tilt and drain the oil when you reach that step.

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5 Basic Snake Safety Tips Every RVers Needs to Know

Do you know how many U.S. states have venomous snakes? And I’m talking about venomous snakes, not just snakes in general. 
If you don’t know, go ahead and take a guess. (I can hear your thoughts churning!) 
Is your guess correct? Let's find out...

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Know Your RV’s Value: Check The RV Blue Book

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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Kelley Blue Book for RVs? You could look up your RV model and year and instantly know your RV’s value.

Unfortunately, the RV industry doesn’t work like that. When you consider all the different variables of RVs in the marketplace, you quickly realize that RVs are more like houses than autos. That’s why there isn’t a Kelley Blue Book for houses, either: there are too many variables. 

The Blue Book model only works if there are limited variables within any asset class. So, how can you learn what your RV is worth? Is it really that important to know your RV’s value?

Why you should know your RV’s value

If you intend to sell your RV, it is important not to guess what your RV is worth or to just assume that it is worth about what you currently owe on your RV loan. Its actual value and what you owe are unrelated facts.  

A class C class B+ and a class B RV all lined up in a campground
you need to know your RV's value before you try to sell a motorhome like this or ant RV
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Can You Save Money With AARP RV Camping Discounts?

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Should you join AARP for the camping discounts?

Can AARP RV camping discounts save you money? The simple answer is yes, but exactly how much is the bigger question.

With a membership, however, you can receive a ton of other benefits that could just make it all worth the money. Let’s take a look at an AARP membership and see if it is worth paying for an additional RV camping discount membership club.

What is AARP?

AARP was founded in 1958 and is an influential lobbying group in the US, focusing on issues affecting older adults. The AARP membership program provides many discounts and perks to its more than 38 million members.

Green building with flag in foreground
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Our private RV Land at the Woodlands at Buffalo River is done!

The five acres of mountaintop RV land that we bought just west of Nashville that we bought to develop into a private RV retreat for ourselves is now complete, and we have moved in for a few weeks. We've been pinching ourselves all week as we kick back and enjoy the peace and solitude we've found here amidst the ridges and hollows of this beautiful and wild countryside.

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10 Tips For Making Your RV Rental Listing Stand Out

So you’ve made the decision to list your RV for rent to make a little (or maybe even a lot) of extra money. Good for you! Regular use is good for all types of RVs and why not make some money instead of letting your RV just sit in storage anyway?

Listing your RV for rent with Good Sam is simple and you’ll find that they guide you through every step of the process from setting up your account to getting paid for your first rental. I personally found it to be a very straightforward process and now, after three successful rentals, I’m so glad I decided to rent our travel trailer out.

I’ve compiled a list of things I have done that I believe have been helpful in getting me more bookings and therefore, more money. Here are ten tips for making your RV rental listing stand out.

Create an Approachable Profile

After creating an account at you’ll need to set up your profile. This is often something that RV owners will skip over because they are anxious to get their RV listed and start getting bookings. However, having a profile can deter renters from wanting to rent your RV.

Renters are often just as nervous about the idea of renting an RV as owners are about letting someone use their RV. Both parties may feel uneasy about who the other person is and what to expect. Providing an up-close photo of yourself smiling or having fun in nature can help ease that uncertainty. Even more so, providing a friendly and playful description about yourself can make a renter feel a sense of comfort in moving forward with a rental.

RV rental listing.
RV parked in a field with two dogs.
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5 Premium RVs Under 30K For Sale

Getting the RV of your dreams doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re looking for a great deal on your next camping trip or looking for an RV renovation project to take on, these RVs under 30K for sale are a great place to start. You’ll love that these new and used RVs give you a variety of styles and amenities to choose from for your perfect fit.

Find moreRVs for sale at

Looking to save big on your family RV? Take home a Coachmen Clipper Camping Trailers 107LS pop-up camper for just $14,699 and get sleeping space for up to six. The two large bed tents give you ample space for the family, and the compact size makes it easy to store when not in use.

Additional Features:

Queen Tent End BedsTwo GauchosDark Ash CabinetryInterior StorageThe pop-out bed tents are spacious and give you ample room to get a great night’s sleep.

If simplicity is what you crave, this Braxton Bushwacker 10HD travel trailer is the way to go. It offers a sleeping space for two inside with plenty of storage space. The outdoor kitchen allows you to make delicious meals around the campfire!

Additional Features:

Braxton Main
Coachmen Living
Braxton Kitchen
Dutchmen Living
Keystone Kitchen
Fleetwood Bedroom
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How to Maintain a Generator

Your RV’s generator takes care of you whenever you’re not plugged into shore power. But are you doing enough to take care of it? Generators are durable and designed to last for years, but they still require routine maintenance if you want yours to continue running safely and efficiently. 

Fortunately, most generator maintenance falls into the category of RV maintenance tasks you can do yourself. If you’re still learning the ins and outs of RV maintenance, check out our downloadable RV ownership and maintenance booklet!

That booklet contains an overview of all the maintenance items you should consider. For now, let’s focus on how to maintain an RV generator. 

What is a Generator?

You’re probably familiar, on some level, with portable generators for RVs and built-in generators. The latter is more common in larger motorhomes, but all generators require maintenance. 

When they’re correctly maintained, a generator provides an external power source for your RV. While your RV batteries provide power for lights, refrigerators, water pumps, and other small RV appliances, plugging into an appropriately-sized generator gives your RV its full functionality, including the ability to run your air conditioner. 

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New Mexico Annual Camping Pass [Good in all State Parks 2022]

One of the sweetest deals anywhere is the New Mexico annual camping pass. It's good in all New Mexico State Parks and is well worth the money...

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Catching Bass From the Bank: 8 Practical Pointers for Fishing From Shore

No boat? No problem. Shore angling is great and it’s something I’ve done for a number of years. When I recently moved, I had to sell my boat, so it forced me to get a little more creative about where I fish and whether or not I can actually cast from the shore. 

In many cases, this is how we all got our start. We went out to the lake with a parent or grandparent and they showed us how to fish. It all happened from the shore and I’ve had some incredible experiences standing on land so I want you to know that you don’t need to buy a boat to catch big bass. 

Learning how to bass fish from shore will help you increase your chances of pulling in a lunker. 

Here are my best tips for catching bass from the bank:

1. Cast Parallel 

One of the best things about fishing from the shore is the fact that it’s so much easier to place your bait where you actually want it to go. That’s the funny thing about shore fishing. People with boats will always make it sound like you’re not a real angler if you don’t have one. 

Hand holding a fishing pole over a bank.
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