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RV Land for Sale Out West – In Arizona

RV Land for Sale Out West – In Arizona

We've had lots of people ask if we know of any RV Land for Sale out West and we can now say we do - in Arizona at a new development called Greenwood Ranches. We've been covering RV land ownership for some time now but most of the places we have found are east of the Mississippi. Large, multi-acre parcels aimed at Rvers are hard to find. Especially out west. So when we heard about this one, we decided to devote a podcast to it. Located in an elevated valley not far from Kingman, AZ, and the fabled Route 66, this development is offering five-acre RV parcels starting at $39,900 in an area close to National Parks, Las Vegas, Lake Havasu, and many other attractions. In this Episode #420 of the RV Podcast, we share the details in an in-depth interview with a representative of Western Land and Ranches.

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