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From Crossbow Specific to Budget-Friendly, Rinehart Has a Durable Bag Target for Every Shooter

Janesville, WI — Rinehart Targets®, makers of the Best Archery Targets in the World is proud to offer its customers a wide range of bag target options for every shooting need and budget. Choose from the company’s original Rhino Bag Target, its popular Crossbow Bag or its newest budget-friendly Badger Bag. All three Rinehart Bag Targets deliver unmatched stopping power at every level.

“With the addition of our new entry-level Badger Bag this year, we truly have a quality bag target for every shooter and budget available in the line,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “Whether you’re new to the sport or are a long-time archer, Rinehart’s durable bag targets will help you get those practice reps in.”

Rinehart’s original Rhino Bag Target is constructed with superior materials when compared to competitor polypropylene bags that can quickly deteriorate from the sun’s UV rays. Each Rhino Bag is equipped with Rinehart’s Dual Layered Power Band Technology for the ultimate in stopping power. This means the bag was carefully crafted with five layers of quality materials, each specifically designed to enhance the bag’s performance. It starts with an outer shell of durable polyester, which is the most UV stable protection. Second layer in features a polypropylene wrap for long-term arrow durability. The bag’s third layer is a plastic cover providing a waterproof barrier from the elements. The fourth layer is a cut foam blend which allows for easy, single-arm arrow removal. Finally, the fifth inner layer is a burlap center, which is the bag’s arrow stopping core. All five layers combine for unmatched stopping power and long-lasting durability that few bag targets possess, easily handling shots from both compound bows and crossbows.

Rhino Bags come in three sizes: 18-inch (18-inches height x 18-inches length), 22-inch (22-inches height x 22-inches length) and 26-inch (26-inches height x 26-inches length). Two shooting sides are available to suit all needs and scenarios, from long distance zones on one side to smaller zones on the flip side for further honing shooting skills.

Rinehart’s Crossbow Bag Target is specifically designed for crossbow shooters. Also constructed with Rinehart’s Dual Layered Power Band Technology, the bag can take hits from crossbows rated up to 450 FPS. One face of the target you’ll find an MOA (Minute of Angle) sight-in grid, making crossbow sight-in fast and simple. The flip side features 12 target dots for plenty of target practice from any angle. The Crossbow Bag is available in both 18-inch (18-inches height x 18-inches length) and 22-inch (22-inches height x 22-inches length) sizes and comes with a convenient carry handle.

Rinehart’s newest addition to its bag series is the entry-level Badger Bag. Available at a lower retail price of just $44.99, it offers shooters incredible value as it’s constructed with the same arrow-stopping power and durability customers expect from the Rinehart brand. The bag features a dual-sided polypropylene cover with a waterproof barrier and a burlap stopping core to extend the life of the target. This means it’ll stop arrows with ease while delivering countless practice sessions season after season. Visually artistic vitals make shooting fun with one side of the bag featuring a badger outline along with a variety of shooting dot sizes and colors. The flip side incorporates a unique vitals design to accommodate popular fiberoptic pins.

The new Rinehart Badger Bag measures 21-inches x 21-inches x 9-inches with a convenient carrying handle that makes transporting the bag from the truck to camp and back again a breeze. Incorporated grommets allow for easy hanging and add to the bag’s versatility for your shooting set up.

About Rinehart Targets
Since 1999 Rinehart Targets has been manufacturing the Best Archery Targets in the World. Today, the company continues to expand on its wide range of archery targets offered including: 3D Targets, Cube Targets, Crossbow Targets, Bag Targets and Range Targets. For more information about Rinehart Targets, visit:

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