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Portable, Powerful Speakers for the Outdoors

Add a soundtrack to your morning.
Add a soundtrack to your morning. (Scott Goodwill via Unsplash/)

There’s nothing like a good campfire song. But if you can’t sing? Simple. Fire up one of these portable Bluetooth speakers. They’re rugged, so they’ll work even if they get dirty, wet, or fall from your pack. Each is rechargeable and holds enough juice for multiple listening sessions. They’re also compact enough to tuck into just about any pack. Here are some top choices for small, portable speakers that can withstand the elements.

Durable and powerful.
Durable and powerful. (AOMAIS/)

This tough workhorse is fully waterproof, dustproof, and mudproof, and features a rubber armor that protects the device against impacts. It boasts 20W of power and two Sport II units can be paired together for 40W of surround sound that will fill any campsite. The long-life battery provides up to 15 hours of playtime. It’s available in five colors.

Legendary sound in a portable, weatherproof package.
Legendary sound in a portable, weatherproof package. (Bose/)

If you’re looking to fill your campsite with the highest of hi-fidelity, the SoundLink Micro is an audio juggernaut. The speaker features a 30-foot Bluetooth range, is fully waterproof and offers up to six hours of playtime on a full charge. The palm-sized speaker can be paired with a second SoundLink Micro in either party mode or stereo mode for even more sound. It’s available in blue, orange, or black.

Clip-and-go tunes for anywhere.
Clip-and-go tunes for anywhere. (JBL/)

If your camping adventure takes you far from the trailhead and space is limited, the Clip 3 will provide plenty of quality sound without taking up valuable real estate in your pack. You’ll get 10 hours of playtime from a single charge and the integrated carabiner makes toting the speaker a breeze. It’s IPX7 waterproof and it doubles as a speakerphone when paired with your Bluetooth smartphone.

Big on booming bass, small in size.
Big on booming bass, small in size. (Tribit/)

Bass-lovers will love this option. The MaxSound Plus boasts MaxSound Plus technology that delivers deep, booming bass for a 24W amplifier. The speaker offers extended 100-foot Bluetooth range and a stout 20 hours of playtime. It’s fully waterproof and weighs just over one pound.


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