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Polyver Sweden Winter Classic High Boot Review

Polyver Sweden

The Polyver Sweden Winter Classic Boots just hit the shore this year in the United States and, without question, these are a pair of boots worth taking a serious look at. They are great for any situation you need to throw on a pair of boots in the ugliest of winter conditions. These are easy to slip on and super comfortable with or without socks. They just want you to attack the day.

What the Jury Said

These boots have won the Scandinavian Outdoor Award and beat out a serious amount of competition. The jury from the awards stated:  Insulated cold weather boots out of rubber-like materials are typical for Scandinavia: for walking, fishing, hunting etc. The Swedish label Polyver takes this concept in the Classic Winter Boot to the next level. Due to millions of tiny air bubbles in the new material called CLI Tech (Comfort, lightness and insulation), it insulates extremely well and keeps your feet toasty and dry. CLI Tech is also super durable and long lasting. After testing even jury members not being used to this kind of footwear were convinced of the functionality and comfort in this fair priced, made in Sweden Classic Winter Boot.


CLI-TECH stands for comfort, lightness, insulation, technology. Basically it is this technology that keeps your feet warm. This technology encapsulates millions of air bubbles to create a new extreme insulation and lightness of the rubber allowing Polyver Sweden to do some things other boot companies cannot. The company has spent the better part of 15 years perfecting and developing this technology. We found this technology to be exceptional at creating a soft rubber boot that can handle whatever we throw at it. 

CLI-TECH allows these boots to be lighter and easier to wear on all day adventures. The insulation inside along with the feel of these boots on my feet kept me outside chopping wood and working around the house shoveling snow. 

Our Thoughts

These boots are light and effective. Honestly they are quite reasonable in price. These have been my go to slip-on boots for just about anytime I needed to get out in the slop this winter.  They handled everything from -20 degrees all the way to rainy and muddy days above 40 degrees. They fit extremely well and the fleece inside keeps your feet warm with or without socks. These are easy to wipe off and with the anti-slip sole they would not slip on concrete or even on the kitchen floor when I came in with wet boots. However, on ice these boots would need some kind of arctic-grip ice sole. That is my only complaint. 

I expect as Polyver Sweden invades North America, we will be seeing some great things from this company in the coming years. I encourage you to put these folks on your radar.

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