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Pedal Your Way Up The Trail!

With the QuietKat E-Bike you still have to pedal but they use a small battery to help power you up hills and ease extreme mileage. With the range of 20-50 miles on one battery, the Apex will be able to take you to and from on any backcountry adventure, no doubt.  These e-bikes are classified under federal law to adhere to the same rules as bicycles. Every state is different so read your laws but here in Montana, I can use my bike on roads and trails closed to motorized vehicles. The only place I cannot use it is in the wilderness. I really feel like this is one of the biggest new innovations for hunters. You can lay down tens of mountain miles with ease. These to me are better than four-wheelers and motorbikes because you can use them in more places, such as trails and closed roads.

These things pedal like a dream and before you know it you are deep into country and separated from hunting pressure. Now, I know you hardcore bike guys will be upset with these things being used on your same trails and classified the same but those are the rules. I am one of you guys that loves bikes and using them in hunting but if you can’t beat them, join them. I have been trying out the QuietKat and it just amazes me how many miles I can put on with this thing, they are a huge advantage!

If you have any interest in adding this piece of equipment to your hunting arsenal this fall, boy does Eastmans’ TagHub have an offer for you. Rather than spending an estimated value of $4,904 on one, subscribe to Eastmans’ TagHub for $9.99 a month to get entered! Eastmans’ TagHub has partnered with QuietKat e-bikes to bring you a giveaway like no other. At only 80 lbs paired with the Tektro 4- Piston Hydraulic Suspension, the Apex is the ultimate backcountry bike. The Kenda Juggernaut Tires on this bike is far from what I had anticipated. The grip power on these tires makes for easy navigation through any terrain you might find yourself in while on a backcountry hunt. The load capacity is placed at 325 lbs. – far from anything a person should be carrying on a bike that is sane. But having the capability to throw an elk quarter on your back to make trips back and forth is a huge advantage. The QuietKat Apex is up for grabs and with a click of a button, as a TagHub Subscriber, not only are you signed up for the QuietKat giveaway, but you are also in the drawing for over $16,000 worth of total gear!   CLICK HERE TO GET SIGNED UP.

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