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Outlast, Outrun, and Outfish The Competition with Lithium Pros’ ® M31150-S 12.8V Lithium Ion Engine Starting Battery

When the competition heats up, and the fish are biting, the last thing a pro angler needs to worry about is whether or not their marine starting battery has enough power to last the day. Lithium Pros delivers tournament fishermen peace of mind with the power they can rely on all day. The new M31150-S 12V 150 Ah marine starting battery gives anglers all the juice they need on the water.

With an impressive 1500 Marine Crank Amps (eq), the M31150-S has the highest cranking power of any other battery in its class and will have no trouble starting all conventional outboard engines on the market. Just one of Lithium Pros’ M31150-S lithium-ion batteries holds as much power as two traditional 12V Group 31 AGM lead-acid batteries at just ¼ the weight and at ½ the space! 

The M31150-S features one of the most advanced, fully-integrated, digital internal battery management systems in the marine industry, safely housed in a lightweight box. This system continually monitors for over-temperature, over-current, under-current, and short-circuits. This automatically protects the battery from damage if any issues are detected, ensuring long battery life and trouble-free service.

Powered by high-power lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry and using only the best lithium-ion cells, you will not find more capacity in a battery that fits inside a standard Group 31 case. Featuring a whopping 360 minutes of reserve capacity, the M31150-S is designed for the competitive angler who refuses to compromise on reliability, power, or battery life. It is the starting battery Lithium Pros recommends for fresh and saltwater tournament fishing, and especially for those anglers who need to simultaneously run multiple 12 in. graphs and forward-facing sonar. Since it holds a higher voltage at discharge than traditional lead-acid batteries, fishermen no longer need to worry about their graphs resetting during an engine crank. Stay on track–and on the fish– all day long!

The M31150-S lithium-ion battery provides up to five times more cycle life with 80% DoD and recharges five times faster than traditional lead-acid batteries. Charging is easy and convenient since it can be used with any existing 12V AGM and gel battery-compatible charger, including those from Mercury*, Suzuki, Honda, and Yamaha. And, since lithium-ion batteries don’t contain toxic chemicals or emit harmful gasses, they’re a better choice for the environment. 

(*the M31150-S battery meets the September 19, 2022, Mercury specifications for a lithium-ion battery.)

Lithium Pros’ M31150-S is the marine starting battery of choice for the professional angler who relies upon fast starts, quality, dependability, and enough power to last from dawn to dusk. 

M31150-S 12.8V 150 Ah Lithium-Ion Engine Starting Battery Features:

Replace two group 31 AGM batteries with one M31150-S lithium-ion battery! High-power lithium-ion phosphate Lightweight Keeps multiple 12 in. + graphs and forward-facing sonar running simultaneously Provides enough voltage at discharge to keep graphs from resetting Advanced, automatic internal digital battery management system Doesn’t emit harmful gasses Contains no toxic materials Starts all conventional outboard engines Recommended for tournament fishing in both saltwater and freshwater Can be charged with any 12V AGM battery charger without a desulfation mode, a float voltage of 13.5 V or less, and doesn’t exceed 14.8V output

M31150-S 12.8V 150 Ah Lithium-Ion Engine Starting Battery Specs:

12.8V 150 Ah (1920 Whr) BCI Group 31 Size (13 in. L x 6.81 in. W x 8.43 in. T) 360 reserve minutes 36.0 lbs

About Lithium Pros

Lithium Pros was founded in 2011 and focuses on building lithium-ion batteries with the specific purpose to replace lead-acid batteries for use in demanding applications. They strive to uphold the ideals detailed in their mission statement: “Through constant innovation, create high-power lithium-ion battery packs that are safe, easy to install, and start an engine like nothing else.”

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