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Norris’ Hennecke wins Cornhusker Cup

Zach Hennecke lost one shoot-off Saturday in the 53rd Cornhusker Trap Shoot, but he made the next one – the one that really counted.

The Norris sophomore fought off Tanner Parrish of Lincoln Southeast in a shoot-off for the Cornhusker Cup, the shoot’s overall championship. Minutes earlier, Parrish defeated Hennecke in a shoot-off for the handicap yardage title at 24-25 yards.

It didn’t turn out to be a day to inspire confidence at the home grounds of the Nebraska Trapshooting Association in Doniphan, Nebraska. The morning was fairly calm, but afternoon brought hours of wind gusts, some up to 50 mph.

That’s OK. Hennecke wasn’t so sure of himself anyway.

“I was not very confident coming in,” Hennecke said. “I was put on a lot of lower squads all year and I knew and had to make it happen.”

Calla Behney of Duchesne got high overall in ladies, and her team took first in high overall and handicap.

Beatrice took first in high overall took high overall team and handicap team.

Defending Cornhusker Cup champion Mason Gerdes of Raymond Central shot a 63 in the handicap at 22 yards Saturday to finish with a two-day 128. The last person to win two Cornhusker Cups was Chris Schropfer in 2007 and 2009.

Results from Saturday’s senior high competition are:


Top 10 Individuals – 1. Zach Hennecke, Norris 2, 138 of 150 (won shoot-off)

Tanner Parrish, Lincoln Southeast Zulu, 138 Clyde Stenglein, Douglas County West Platinum, 136 Wyatt Happle, Beatrice 1, 136 Michael Bonesteel, Doniphan, 136 Michael Day, Bellevue West Blue, 135 Caden Larsen, Ravenna Blue, 135 Nathaniel Heins, Merrick County 4-H 1, 134 Conner Parrish, Lincoln Southeast Zulu, 134 Riley Brodersen, Blair Gold, 134

Top Three Ladies – 1. Calla Behney, Duchesne Dash 1, 132 of 150

Izzy Jansen, Duchesne Dash 1, 130 Taylor S. Jones, Lincoln Southwest Purple, 130

Top Three 4-H Teams – 1. Blue River 4-H Orange, 639 of 750

Fillmore County 4-H 1, 609 Merrick County 4-H 1, 608

Top High School Teams – 1. Beatrice 1, 643 of 750

Lincoln Southeast Zulu, 638 Omaha Creighton Prep Blue, 633 Norris 3, 620 Elkhorn South Blue, 619 Lincoln Southwest Green, 618

Top Three Ladies Teams – 1. Duchesne Dash 1, 620 of 750

Lincoln Southwest Purple, 595 Bennington Lady Badger, 584


Top Three Ladies – 1. Quinn Moravec, Oak Creek 4-H 1, 69 of 75 (won shoot-off)

Lillee Ludlow, Ashland 4-H Red, 69 Calla Behney, Duchesne Dash 1, 68

Top Three Individuals – 1. Michael Bonesteel, Doniphan, 72 of 75

Jacob McClellan, SouthSide 4-H 1, 71 Dane Newman, Lincoln Southeast Zulu, 71

Top Three 4-H Teams – 1. Blue River 4-H Orange, 323 of 375

Cougar 4-H Blue, 315 Merrick County 4-H, 305

Top Three Ladies Teams – 1. Duchesne Dash 1, 313 of 375

Lincoln Southwest Purple, 301 Bennington Lady Badger, 300

Top Six High School Teams – 1. Beatrice 1, 318 of 375 (won shoot-off)

Lincoln Southwest Gold, 318 Lincoln Southwest Green, 316 Lincoln Southeast, 312 Mount Michael Black, 312 Beatrice 2, 311

Yardage Winners

18-19 Yards – 1. Nicholas Pena, Lincoln Southwest, 70 of 75

Dierks Sayer, Furnas County 4-H, 70 Boone Elam, SouthSide 4-H, 69 Nick Jensen, Papillion-La Vista South, 69 Cedric Newcomb, Papillion-La Vista, 69 Andrew Enns, Beatrice 2, 68 Ty Bevington, Douglas County West Silver, 68 Ayden Longcor, Omaha Skutt Green, 68 Creedance Jankowski, Cougar 4-H, 68 Beau Smith, Ashland 4-H, 68

20-21 Yards – 1. Alex Wenzbauer, Diller-Odell, 70 of 75

William Waldron, Cougar 4-H, 70 Hayes Andelt, Blue River 4-H, 69 Nathaneal Taylor, Lincoln Southwest, 69 Nick Hanson, Norris, 68 Alex Cleland, Lincoln Southeast, 68 Nolen Engel, Sutton, 67 Ashton Jirsa, Blue River 4-H, 67 Josiah Harrington, Blue River 4-H, 67 Isiah Meyer, Norris, 67

22-23 Yards – 1. Caden Larsen, Ravenna, 70

Wyatt Happle, Beatrice, 70 Michael Day, Bellevue West, 67 Nathaniel Heins, Merrick County 4-H, 67 Charles Wood, Douglas County West, 67 Jaxon Ferris, Lincoln Southwest, 67 Alex Busboom, Beatrice, 66 William Snyder, Mount Michael, 66

24-25 Yards – 1. Tanner Parrish, Lincoln Southeast, 67 of 75 (won shoot-off)

Zach Hennecke, Norris, 67 Clyde Stenglein, Douglas County West, 65 Beau Spilker, Beatrice, 62 Gavin Kuck, Norris, 60 Kahne Packer, Wilber 5 Clovers 4-H, 59 Jacob Uphoff, EM 4-H, 58 Kohen Burda, Wilber 5 Clovers 4-H, 57

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