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Levy’s Launches Online Retail Store For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Tampa, FL – Levy’s Outdoor is excited to launch its online direct-to-consumer store,, creating a fast and convenient way to shop for all your outdoor needs. 

All shoppers can enjoy free shipping on any order over $50, and for a limited time, 15% off your order, using PROMO code: OUTDOOR15.

Levy’s, founded in 1973, is a leader in handcrafted, high-quality gun slings and outdoor gear and accessories, including bags, holsters, and bird carriers. Our slings are built by hand from the finest materials you can find.

From veg-tan leather, to suede, to garment leather, neoprene and heavy weight cotton, nothing less than top quality is ever considered or used. Our skilled craftsmen, some of whom have been with us from the very beginning – men and women who care about keeping the spirit of tradition alive through their craft, never cut corners and continually fine-tune their skill set while building your slings. We work tirelessly to achieve our best, and in doing so create some of the most beautiful, dependable, quality accessories you can find. Whether you are walking out into your backyard in the country, heading outside of the city limits to your favorite perch, or making the journey of a lifetime on a hunt you’ve dreamed about since you were a kid… we have the right accessory for you.

“We are so excited to launch our direct-to-consumer site for all the outdoor enthusiasts out there,” said Gina Clement, Levy’s VP of Marketing and Business Development. “Levy’s has a legacy of high-quality craftsmanship.  Every one of our designs is inspired by our fans.  We are passionate about our products and our customers and are excited to bring Levy’s Outdoor direct to you.”

Be sure to check out to check out the full catalog of Levy’s Outdoor products including our Gamekeeper line of slings and bird carriers.  Gamekeeper is a leader in the outdoor industry, known for its core values of wildlife and land conservation. Levy’s Outdoor also specializes in tactical gear including rifle bags, holsters and backpacks made of high-quality materials.

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