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ISOtunes® Sport Expands High-Tech Hearing Protection Line with DEFY Slim & DEFY Slim Basic

ISOtunes Sport, the next generation of hearing protection, announces the expansion of its line of safety headphones for competitive shooters and hunters with two new streamlined high-performance products: DEFY Slim and DEFY Slim Basic

With the sole mission to provide hearing protection headphones that people actually want to wear, ISOtunes Sport DEFY Slim and DEFY Slim Basic were developed specifically for modern-day shooters looking to protect their hearing by offering enhanced safety, audio and communication abilities.  

The new DEFY Slim ($109.99 MSRP) provides an overall redesign to ISOtunes Sport’s first earmuff, debuting an ultra-slim profile. Utilizing the tried and true SafeMax Technology, DEFY SLIM limits volume output to 85dB, while the Tactical Sound Control amplifies hearing by eight times and protects against high-impact noises. An over-ear, muff-style headset, DEFY Slim provides firearm enthusiasts with a catalog of innovative qualities, including a noise-isolating microphone that guarantees clear communication—even at the loudest shooting ranges.

DEFY Slim is powered by two AAA batteries to provide up to 25 hours of use, offering all-day protection and comfort no matter the environment. DEFY Slim’s innovative design allows it to tip the scales at just 310 grams, roughly 100 grams lighter than other leading tactical earmuffs. With an IPX4 durability rating and a ventilated headband, the product is both sweat and water resistant and provides Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 feet.

Similarly, ISOtunes Sport’s DEFY Slim Basic ($59.99 MSRP) enhances users’ hearing by eight times while offering protection from high-impact noises in under two milliseconds, limiting volume output to no more than 85dB for all-day, damage-free listening. DEFY Slim Basic earmuff boasts high-performance hearing protection, with two AAA batteries offering up to 300 hours of distraction-free shooting in a no-frills, ultra-slim design for maximum comfort and featherlight performance. 

ISOtunes Sport DEFY Slim and DEFY Slim Basic share innovative features like environmental awareness, active gunshot noise reduction, IPX4 durability, comfortability and more. ISOtunes Sport products protect and enhance hearing with creative options for sport shooters who demand safety without sacrificing performance. To learn more about ISOtunes Sport products, including the new DEFY Slim and DEFY Slim Basic visit

About ISOtunes SPORT

ISOtunes Sport is a family-built consumer safety brand, specializing in hearing protection with enhanced audio and communication technology. ISOtunes Sport promises to provide comfortable and innovative products to firearm enthusiasts, both professionals, and recreational shooters. Our mission is to guarantee not only their safety but their freedom to perform and communicate without distraction. As part of the ISOtunes experience, customers are guaranteed superior quality, technology, and customer service with every brand interaction.

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