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ISOtunes Sport DEFY Slim Hearing Protection Review

Electronic Hearing Protection

The ISOtunes Sport DEFY Slim Hearing Protection offers electronic hearing protection with Bluetooth connectivity while still being able to have environmental awareness in all situations. ISOtunes has been in the hearing protection business since 2016, and the ISOtunes Sport line has been growing exponentially over the last couple of years. We gave these a hard test at Industry Day at the Range which is a part of the annual NSSF SHOT Show experience for vetted media and industry buyers.

Anytime you are on the range you want to be able to hear the conversations as well as all of the range instructions around you. This is especially important for me at an event like SHOT range day. I learn nothing about new products if I cannot hear the details about the guns which I am shooting. The wide variety of guns at this event is simply breathtaking. As well, we have calibers shooting from .22 to .50 caliber and from one shot to fully automatic depending on the range bay we are standing in. This kind of environment gives us the perfect opportunity to truly test the ISOtunes Sport DEFY Slim model.


ISO Tunes Sport Hearing Protection

I dropped these on my head coming out of the bus before my feet even hit the ground, and they never left my ears for the 8 hours we were shooting this year. Some years I have left this event a few hours early because I become worn out from the sound of shooting before I am worn out from the actual shooting. However, this year the use of the Defy Slim actually kept me on the range longer. I enjoyed full conversations with individuals all day long and never once felt like I needed to lift my hearing protection to have a conversation. This is exactly what I want in such a situation. The headset was comfortable and held on my ears, and they were easy to adjust to my head. 

This unit has Bluetooth connectivity, offering the ability to add in a direct connection to your phone. You can take calls or listen to music while you are out on the range. At range day, I did not have this feature connected only because I prefer to turn my phone on airplane mode at this event in order to focus. I am not there to listen to music. I do however like this feature and I can see using this in a hunting situation. I also like that there is one control dial to turn on the unit and control the amount of ambient noise that is picked up in your headset and one to control the level of sound from your Bluetooth. This allows you to listen to music softly in the background while also listening to range instructions or listening out for deer coming in to your stand location. Brilliant thinking there. I also sometimes have issues with very high wind noise in some stands so having the ability to turn that down would be a welcome change in the stand.

ISOtunes Defy Slim

The Tactical Sound Control allows you to amplify environmental sounds up to 8x the natural volume and still clip harmful gunshot or concussive noises in under 2 milliseconds. I was able to hear conversations around me in clear, crisp clarity while enjoying the shooting experience. This particular electronic hearing protection offers 21 db of noise reduction, more than sufficient on everything up to 50 caliber. It was also able to clip sounds from everything from fully auto to single shots going off all around us in a very crowded range situation.

Pulling up and shooting with ISOtunes DEFY Slim was never an issue. I did not once feel these get in the way of a quick and fast shouldering of any of the shotguns or rifles I shot while on the range. These are a great investment at current prices and worth having in your range bag as well as a part of your hunting kit. We consistently see hunters not wearing hearing protection while in the field and with this product and the ability to increase your ambient sound hearing, there really is no excuse for disregarding hearing protection at all times while hunting or on the range.

Defy Slim Electronic Hearing Protection Product Specifications:

 • Tactical Sound Control™ Technology enhances your hearing by 8x while protecting you from high-impact noises in under 2 milliseconds.

• Ultra-Slim Profile

• 21 NRR tested and approved to ANSI s3. 19-1974.

• Bluetooth 5.0 connects, and dual-connects, devices 30+ feet.

• Lightweight Design at just 310 grams.

• Up to 25 Hr Battery Life with 2 AAA batteries.

• SafeMax™ Technology limits volume output to 85dB for all-day, damage-free listening.

• IPX4 Durability for sweat, water, and dust resistant protection.

• Noise-Isolating Microphone for clear communication in loud environments. • ISOTUNES Sport DEFY Slim comes with 2 AAA batteries and an auxilliary cable.

ISOtunes Sport Defy Slim Electronic Hearing Protection

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