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ISOtunes Sport CALIBER Review

CALIBER Hearing Protection

ISOtunes Sport this week announced the latest extension of its line of high-tech electronic hearing protection with a Bluetooth wireless in-ear model. We have had a set of these for the last couple of weeks for testing. The CALIBER offers true wireless in-ear hearing protection for hunters, shooters and those who need protection from gunshot noises and hearing amplification.

Wireless In-Ear Hearing Protection

The CALIBER is a true hearing enhancement device as well as a Bluetooth device that works well with your phone. We had these in our ears for close to 48 hours on and off and the hearing enhancement was exceptional. I would recommend them for hunting based on that one fact alone. I could hear the squirrels running through the trees, the leaves rustling and even the tick, tick, tick of the my floorboard heater as it warmed up my office. The sound of the dog panting took me by surprise after letting her in from the yard after she chased the squirrel back up the tree. 

The CALIBER will be great for on the range but also great in the tree stand during archery season. You will be able to hear the deer coming in with the 8x hearing enhancement. As well, you can listen to music on your phone or the latest video and even take a call. The hearing enhancement works even while on a call so no one is going to sneak up on you. The in-ear Bluetooth headset style is all the rage these days and the Tactical Sound Control technology amplifies natural sounds and reduces the sound of gunshot noise. The gunshot noise is shut off when a gun is fired with its ability to block 25 db of noise. 

The CALIBER gives you 13 hours of use and shuts off after two hours to protect the power.The case recharges the device and the individual units are dustproof, sweatproof and waterproof. These can withstand submersion in water and come out working and ready to use. The Bluetooth will work up to 30 feet from the connected device. They come with a wide variety of Short TRILOGY™ Foam eartips ranging from sizes small to large, three pairs of Tall TRILOGY™ Foam eartips ranging from sizes small to large, one pair of silicone triple flange eartips, a charging case with a lanyard, and a USB – C charging cable.  I found the Tall TRILOGY small to be a perfect fit for my ears to get the coverage and feel like these were well seated in my ears.

The USB-C case is easy to charge, and with the lanyard it is easy to keep your hearing protection protected and in your pack ready to go when you need them. Upon pulling them out they are automatically on and ready to go and begin working quickly. They are easy to pair with Bluetooth, and I found them easy to use while making calls or listening to music.  They picked up my voice pretty well and while testing and listening to music I could clearly hear everything around me. On the range with the shotgun, I was able to hear the things going on around me with a significant reduction of sound. 

These are an impressive tool. I can see using these in the field and on the deer stand whether archery hunting or rifle hunting especially with the hearing enhancement. While they worked extremely well on the range, I am going to default to my ISOtunes Sport Defy Slim as my go to hearing protection on ranges where there are a large number of people shooting. The hearing reduction between the two is similar, but I just feel like the Defy Slim offers a little more protection on the range. Either way, ISOtunes Sport really seem to providing the protection you need on the range and in the field. The ISOtunes Sport CALIBER are serious hearing protection worth taking a serious look at.

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ISOtunes Sport CALIBER Specs:

• Tactical Sound Control™ Technology enhances your hearing by 8x while protecting you from high-impact noises in under 2 milliseconds.

• True Wireless Design

• 25 NRR tested and approved to ANSI s3. 19-1974.

• IP67 Durability for dust, sweat, and waterproof protection.

• Up to 13 hour battery life with 2 full additional charges stored in the rechargeable case.

• Automatic Power Off after 2 hours without Bluetooth connection for battery conservation.

• Bluetooth 5.2 connects, and dual-connects, devices 30+ feet.

• SafeMax™ Technology limits volume output to 85 dB for all-day, damage-free listening.

• Background Noise-Reducing Microphone for clear communication in loud environments.

ISOtunes Sport CALIBER comes with three pairs of ISOtunes TRILOGY Short Eartips (S, M, L), three pairs of ISOtunes TRILOGY Tall Eartips (S,M,L), 1 pair of silicone eartips, a charging case, charging case lanyard, and USB-C charging cord.

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