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Irish Setter MudTrek Boot Review

Everyone has a favorite pair of slip-on shoes. For some people, it’s a pair of Crocs or true slip-ons. For me, it’s always been a rubber boot. I had a pair of Muck boots for years. They served me well in the fall and winter but my feet roasted come spring and summer. I had to weigh the swift ease of my pull-on boots with sweat, swollen feet, and being all-around uncomfortable. (Ask anyone – wet feet or uncomfortable shoes can easily ruin a day.)

Over a year ago now I replaced my deteriorated tall boots with Irish Setter’s unisex MudTrek boots. They offer several styles varying in insulation. I opted for the 15” waterproof vulcanized rubber full fit version without insulation. Swathed in Mossy Oak Country DNA camouflage, these boots were already ready for the woods though the plain color of the rest of the boot kept them unassuming. One of my first concerns was sizing. Unisex shoes always tend to be hit or miss for women. These were a home run. My regular shoe size is a women’s 8.5 to 9 depending upon the brand. I fit perfectly in a size 8. The boot comes only in wide width. I have never been officially classified as having a wide foot, but mine are wider than the average and they fit me well. Keep in mind that with a boot like this sock choice can be critical. Consider what kind of socks you plan to wear — thick, thin, Merino, cotton, etc. — and take that into consideration when making your purchase.

I have been extremely grateful for these boots in wet weather. Unlike waterproof hiking boots, they are very easy to clean at the end of the day!

My MudTreks have endured well over a year of hunting trips in various weather, yard maintenance, sessions on the shooting range, and countless other adventures. These are the shoes I use to walk into the chicken coop to tend the flock or collect eggs. Though I wish I had another pair to dedicate to this purpose, they wash off easily with a hose and no matter how much water I’ve used or walked through, it’s never gotten into the boot (unless I accidentally poured it inside or stepped in water deeper than the boots). They are comfortable to wear and do not feel clunky and awkward. Thick patterns on the sole provide much-needed traction in slick environments while an integrated ledge above each heel makes them simple to remove hands-free. I was especially impressed by this feature as I’d often struggled to slip off my old pair of boots without grabbing hold of the dirty sole by hand.

I would not recommend walking extreme distances in these boots. Unless you have the perfect combination of size and sock, you may experience some uncomfortable rubbing on your heels. I have found this with every tall, rubber boot I’ve ever worn, but I did notice it less with Irish Setter’s offering. Also on the con side, I have had to fix the insole a few times as I’ve accidentally disturbed it while pulling the boots off.

These boots have served me well in all kinds of weather.

Irish Setter incorporated ScentBan into these boots, a proprietary process designed to kill odor-killing bacteria. I have successfully harvested deer wearing these boots but I honestly can’t quantify how well this feature works. Irish Setter’s website also mentions “TempSens,” a technology designed to react to body temperature and sweat level. I cannot quantify the efficacy of this technology either but I will say they are great all-around boots. My feet did get cold if I took them hunting in the snow, but using HotHands toe warmers took the edge off. In hot weather my calves will get a little sticky, but nothing anywhere close to my insulated Muck Boot experience. I am aware this is not a true apples-to-apples comparison and I did love my old boots. They weren’t bad, they just didn’t fit my needs as well as the Irish Setter MudTreks have. Time well tell to see which lasts longer.

These boots have served me well in all kinds of weather.

This is not a product I’ve worn once. I have had shoes that have peeled, torn, or worn out extremely quickly and I’ve had others I’d spend money on over and over again because a single pair lasts half a decade of heavy use. The Irish Setter MudTrek is one year in and going strong. I have observed no cracks, tears, or loss of comfort over countless hours of use and know whatever brambles and swampy area I may need to get through, these can handle it.

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