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Introducing the Newest Firearms Guide Online & Flash Drive Combo now available

Firearms Guide, the world’s largest guns & ammo reference guide, gun values guide, and gunsmithing library is now in retail as an Online and Flash Drive Combo.

The new Firearms Guide Online & Flash Drive Combo (2022/2023) for retail distribution is two products in one package:

a)  1 Year Access to Firearms Guide 13th Online Edition with FREE updates.
b)  Flash Drive Firearms Guide 13th Edition for Windows.

The Activation codes for the cloud-based Firearms Guide 13th Edition (1 Year access with free updates) are on the Flash Drive. With that code, in 30 seconds users anonymously activate and then use the newest Firearms Guide 13th Edition from any computer or tablet, from any location, 24/7. Just log in and research and compare over 80,000 firearms, air guns, and ammunition, get gun values (100% – 30%) and print out over 21,580 gun manuals, schematics, blueprints, and old gun catalogs without Google or other search engines archiving and sell your search history to government or corporations. With  your gun-related searches are anonymous and private.

The second product in the Combo is an off-line, standalone Firearms Guide 13th Edition application for Windows on a Flash Drive. Flash Drive Edition does not require any installation on the user’s PC. It starts automatically, without the need for the internet and it enables users to anonymously research over 80,000 antique and modern guns and ammo from 1,633 manufacturers from 62 countries and to zoom in and print out over 8,000 hi-res gun schematics with parts lists. No one can track your searches, no one can track what gun schematics you downloading. You have 100% privacy and you can plug in the Flash Drive Edition and use it on your home computer, in your office, in your shop, at your friend’s house, or on any PC anywhere. Firearms Guide Flash Drive Edition on your keychain is always with you, ready to be used safely, anonymously, and completely offline. The Flash Drive Edition keeps your life private.

Published since 2009 for shooting industry professionals and gun enthusiasts, the new Firearms Guide has the largest Gunsmithing Library with over 21,580 zoomable and printable gun schematics, blueprints, old gun catalogs & manuals, armorer manuals, and maintenance manuals that will save a lot of work hours and money to gunsmiths. The gunsmiths now don’t have to waste time looking for that material each time when they work on a gun but they can log in to Firearms Guide, zoom that schematic or blueprint on their screen and finish the project fast. Then they can print out an original gun manual for that gun and give it to their client with the fixed gun. Their customers will love that. With over 65,000 hi-res gun images, Firearms Guide is also used for fast and precise firearms identification of antique and modern civilian and military guns used by many police and sheriff’s departments.

Firearms Guide Flash Drive 13th Edition is available at:

About Impressum Media Inc.

Impressum Media Inc., founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, California is the publisher of the Firearms Guide series of digital firearms, air guns & ammunition references & value guides for gun enthusiasts and industry professionals.

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