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Hunting Bite Free

I started testing Ranger Ready Scent Zero in 2019 after we discovered the brand. Our first big test with Scent Zero Picaridin was on an early season bow hunt in southeast Nebraska. This location was buggy, and temperatures topped 94 degrees. I remember walking to the location and climbing up into the ladder stand, and I got swarmed. I had a small spray bottle of the Ranger Ready Picaridin 20% in my pack and I sprayed down right in the tree stand. Within an hour, we had a doe come in and bed down just 20 feet from us for almost an hour. A small buck came in downwind of us and hung out for about ten minutes and wandered off. All the while, the Ranger Ready repellent worked at keeping the mosquitoes at bay. I was hooked.

When we learned about the launch of the Ranger Ready P2Pak, a combo pack comprised of both their body-worn Picaridin and clothing-worn Permethrin, it changed the way I hunted, especially for wild turkey. I often chase wild turkey in the Spring, but as soon as the first chigger bites or I see swarms of ticks, I was done for the season. Chiggers are the Worst is not just the title of an article, it is absolutely one of my nightmares. Ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes are worse to me than just about anything else that most people do not like. Having a reliable product that keeps me bite free is a must.

I spray all of my clothing for turkey season all the way through deer season, duck season and upland season with Ranger Ready Permethrin the week before hunting begins. Then right before a hunt starts, I spray all of my exposed skin with Picaridin for the one-two punch of protection. 

We recommend all hunters pick up the Scent Zero P2Pak by Ranger Ready Repellents. It offers the right protection from biting insects with both body-worn and clothing-worn repellents. Ranger Ready’s Permethrin 0.5% should be applied to clothing, socks, thermals, outerwear, and packs. We also spray this on our dog beds and blankets and on the cloth seats in our vehicles for extra protection from ticks that can be picked up while in the field. Ranger Ready’s Permethrin lasts for 40 days or 5 washes, and we have a set regimen of re-applying it to our outdoor gear and hunting clothing to ensure that we are fully protected.

The P2Pak also includes Ranger Ready’s Scent Zero Picaridin 20% which provides 12 hours of protection from ticks and mosquitoes. When we get out of the vehicle, our first step before putting on outerwear is a full spray down with their body-worn repellent on all exposed skin. Unlike Deet, Ranger Ready’s Picardin 20% won’t harm your clothing or hunting gear and their Scent Zero line provides full protection while remaining odorless. There really is no need to risk exposure to vector-borne diseases while in the outdoors with the level of protection available today from the Ranger Ready Scent Zero P2Pak.

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(Originally posted by Kevin Paulson)


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