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How to setup a trophy room

Setting up a hunting trophy room can be a great way to showcase your hunting accomplishments and create a space that celebrates your love of the outdoors. Here are some steps to follow to set up a hunting trophy room:

  1. Choose the right room: Choose a room in your home that has enough space to display your trophies and other hunting memorabilia. A basement, den, or spare room can be a great option.
  2. Consider the layout: Think about how you want to display your trophies. You may want to create a focal point with a large trophy mount or create a gallery-style display with multiple mounts and photos.
  3. Lighting: Proper lighting is key for showing off your trophies. Consider installing track lighting or spotlights to highlight each mount.
  4. Wall decor: Consider adding hunting-themed wallpaper, paint, or artwork to the walls of your trophy room to create a cohesive look.
  5. Display your trophies: Work with a taxidermist to create high-quality mounts of your trophies, and then display them in a way that highlights their unique features. You may want to consider adding plaques or labels with information about the animal, the location of the hunt, and the date.
  6. Furniture and decor: Choose furniture and decor that complements the hunting theme of the room. A rustic wooden coffee table, a leather sofa, and antler chandeliers can all add to the overall vibe.
  7. Additional touches: Consider adding other hunting memorabilia, such as photos, maps, hunting gear, and books, to round out the decor.

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