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How To Find Seasonal Jobs For Full Time RVers

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Thinking about the lifestyle of a full-time RVer often evokes images of seniors living in free and easy retirement. The truth is, many full-timers are middle-aged and younger people who aren’t nearly ready to retire yet.

For this younger group of RVers, employment and income is still very much an important part of life. Working at seasonal jobs in different places can be a great way to earn an income. 

An added bonus of a seasonal job is that working in one location gives you a great opportunity to meet people and explore an area of the country in your free hours. Seasonal jobs for full time RVers are easy to find when you know where to start looking.   

In this article, we’ll guide you through how to find seasonal jobs for RVers anywhere in the country.  

Amazon CamperForce Seasonal Jobs 

Every summer and fall, Amazon needs seasonal workers in fulfillment warehouses located throughout the country. Amazon CamperForce jobs include packing and getting orders ready to ship all around the country. Amazon currently pays up to $18.50/hr, plus they pay for at least part of your campsite.

Benefits can include medical and dental insurance if you stay for more than 30 days. Amazon offers on-the-job training, but you’ll need to be drug-free and able to physically be able to do the work. To find out more about CamperForce job requirements and opportunities, click here.

How to apply for Amazon CamperForce

Watch Amazon’svirtual new hire eventbefore you apply to learn more about working for Amazon. Locate a warehouse that is hiring where you want to work on the Amazon CamperForce website. Apply online:  The online application formis easy to fill out.   Next, you’ll need to pass a drug test, which Amazon will arrange near your present location. Select and book a campground from Amazon’s list of program campgrounds. By checking out campground reviews onRV LIFE Campgrounds, you can learn what other campers are saying about any campground.

Other seasonal jobs for full time RVers

Working at a campground is a great way to meet new people, help fellow RVers, and explore beautiful places. Getting a free RV campsite is one of the perks that draw full-time RVers to work at campgrounds. Campgrounds frequently need seasonal workers for all kinds of jobs like: 

Campground hosts Housekeeping crew Store managers Managing horseback riding facilities Food services staff  Groundskeepers


Job requirements, duties, pay rates, and job perks vary with employers. You should do your research about campground location and what former employees say about working conditions.  You’ll find seasonal campground jobs at:

Seasonal farm jobs for full time RVers

Seasonal farm work is usually helping with crop harvesting.   The sugar beet harvest, made famous by the movie, Nomadland, is just one example of harvesting work that pays well. Other examples of farm jobs that can pay well are fruit picking or working with livestock. 

Often, you’ll be able to camp right on the farm property. Fruit is harvested throughout the country at different times, so there are always harvesting jobs somewhere. Seasonal farm work jobs can be found at:


Christmas tree farms can also offer seasonal work for RVers, trimming, harvesting, and wrapping Christmas trees.

Gate guard jobs for RVers

Oilfields and forestry companies sometimes offer seasonal employment (mainly for couples) as gate guards. Gate guards work mostly in remote areas making sure that everyone who enters an area has company permission to be there. 

Most gate guard jobs are located in Texas and Louisiana. The pay is often $125-$150 per day, plus a serviced campsite for your RV. If you are interested in a gate guarding job, here are some places you may find one:

SitewatchSpartan Protection ServiceTier one Group


There are many more jobs suitable for full-time RVers than we have listed here. However, these are the most popular seasonal jobs for full-time RVers. Working as a seasonal worker can give you diverse experiences and allow you to enjoy a nomadic lifestyle while traveling throughout the USA and Canada.


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