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Guy’s Top Wyoming Antelope Hunts: 2019 Edition

All in all, antelope in Wyoming are doing fairly well. The antelope in the central region and the Northern half of the state have fared the best this past winter. There is some concern for the antelope in the southwest corner of the state and those areas around Pinedale. The winter was more severe than usual in those regions. Although the winter was rougher than normal around the I-80 corridor on the southern end of the state, I do think there will be some very good bucks in the region this fall. The spring has been late and very cold statewide. This could affect mid-season horn growth giving many of the bucks a bit less than average prongs and top ends. With that said, the top five areas this year mostly come from the Carbon County region which continues to boast more records book entries than any other region on the continent.

5) Area-53, Type-1 (Baggs): This area is on the Southern border of the state near Baggs. With a recently increased quota of 200 tags, and more than 70% public land this area is a very solid choice for a DIY pronghorn hunter. Points needed to draw: (10)-regular draw, and (9)-special draw. Area hunt score: 92.5/100.

4) Area-62, Type-1 (South Ferris): The Ferris area is notorious for big buck antelope in the heart of Carbon County. This area is a go-to for consistent big public land bucks with a very lengthy season and only 75 tags on quota. There is a type-2 hunt on the Eastern end of the area with an additional 100 tags, but all in all with only 175 tags and 60% public land there should be plenty of country to hunt here and plenty of antelope bucks to look over. Points needed to draw: (11)-regular draw, and (9)-special draw. Area hunt score: 95/100.

3) Area-61, Type-1 (Chain Lakes): The pronghorn in area 61 should be as good as ever this year. As the area sits in the northern reaches of Carbon County and out of most of the heavy winter zone. This area is always a top choice for many. With 75% public land, only 100 tags on quota and a very liberal eight week season this hunt is a very solid, if you have the points. Points needed to draw: (12)-regular draw, and (10)-special draw. Area hunt score: 97.5/100.

2) Area-60, Type-1 (Table Rock): The antelope hunt in Area-60 is always a top-notch choice. This area sits in the heart of Sweetwater County the third best county in the state. With only 75 tags on quota and 75% public land this area is a big buck hunters dream come true. The area is vast with plenty of antelope to choose from. This hunt, with its six-week season, is a very high-quality hunt with very limited pressure. Points needed to draw: (13)-special draw, (12)-regular draw. Area hunt score: 97.5/100.

 1) Area-114, Type-1 (Nowater): With a very limited quota of only 50 tags and plenty of good bucks this area is a top pick this year. Couple that with the fact that this area was clear of the winter wrath that most of the southern portion of the state experienced, and this area is as good as Wyoming antelope gets right now. This area produces upward of about 10% of the tag holders with B&C bucks on a good year, and this should be one of those years. You will need a boat load of points to even hope to hunt here. Points needed to draw: (12)-regular draw, (11)-special draw. Area hunt score: 100/100.

Best low point option: Area-63, Type-2 (Special): This area has plenty of antelope, contains 80% public land and has a very solid success rate. This hunt can be drawn with zero or one point in the special draw. Most of this area is in Carbon County and should offer up a great hunt for those with a lack of points and who are willing to put up the extra cash. Area hunt score: 73/100.

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