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Gone Fishin’ on the “It’s Federal Season” Podcast

Today’s podcast topic takes listeners to the underwater world of catfish noodling. It is a phenomenon that Mike Rowe from the famed TV series “Dirty Jobs” profiled as his show was about to make history, and it is far from the ordinary. On this episode of “It’s Federal Season” podcast, the tiny but mighty Hannah Barron and her father Jeff join the discussion to talk about the sport and lifestyle that has brought them fame. The Alabama combination talk openly about their tactics and the dangers involved in submerging in mirky waters hunting for giant catfish.

Episode #26 “Gone Fishin’”

“Hannah and Jeff Barron are unique guests on a podcast dedicated to hunting and shooting,” stated Jason Nash, Federal Ammunition’s Vice President of Marketing. “They are a fun duo who are dedicated to the outdoors and tell a great story of the sport, the dangers they face, and their passion for hunting and shooting, as well as catfish noodling,” stated Nash.

In the news and notes segment, Federal will recap the exciting medal performances from our sponsored shooters at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

For this episode, besides listening on the Federal Premium website or Talk North podcast network, you can also subscribe to Federal Ammunition’s YouTube channel ( and tune in for the discussion.

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