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Full Line Overview from Firminator: Best Food Plot Implement on Earth!

Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment offers a full line of implements for all your food plot needs. The Firminator G3 is by far the most versatile piece of equipment in the industry. It allows you to do all the necessary work of planting a food plot from start to finish with one implement.

A wide range of angle and pitch adjustments allows the Firminator’s heavy, 18-inch, notched 9-gauge steel disks to work the soil in a variety of situations. From the first cut into heavy sod, to lightly opening thatch and soil for over-seeding without disturbing existing forages, the Firminator is your best option. 

The Accurate Seeding System handles seeds of all sizes, from the tiniest clovers up to beans, peas and sunflowers. The system is ground-driven so seed is metered out relative to your speed. The seed will stop falling when the Firminator stops rolling to eliminate seed waste. An optional seed hopper agitator is also available for keeping seed blends thoroughly mixed and preventing small seeds from sifting through too quickly.

Disk blades can be adjusted up and out of the way, allowing the cultipacker to roll on the soil with additional frame weight being transferred to enhance the seed-to-soil contact that is critical for good germination rates.

For those who use a larger implement for ground tillage, but still want the precision of the Accurate Seeding system combined with a cast-iron cultipacker, there’s the 4′, 5′, 6′ or 8′ Firmiseeder.

The 16-inch Cultipacker Upgrade is designed for working on sandy or fine silty soils where the larger cultipacker wheels can make a big difference.

There’s also a Heavy Duty Stand-Alone Cultipacker offered in a standard model with 9-inch heavy-duty cast-iron cultipacker wheels. As well as a professional model with upgraded 16-inch cast-iron cultipacker wheels, both built with the same heavy 3-inch square tubing as Firminator frames.

There’s even an ATV Model Firminator for smaller-scale operations or folks looking to get back into less accessible areas with a single, do-it-all implement.

The Firminator G3 food plot implement allows one hook up with one piece of equipment to do all your food plot tillage and planting chores, whether you do them one at a time or all at once.

To find out more about the whole line of Firminator products and accessories, check out their web page at

Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment features the Firminator – The Firminator is by far the most versatile piece of equipment in the industry. The operator can choose from a wide range of angle and pitch adjustments to perform many different functions.

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