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Four chainsaws for any outdoor need

These make the cut.
These make the cut. (Street Donkey via Unsplash/)

Choosing the right chainsaw can be as personal a decision as picking the right boot or sleeping bag. It depends on the job in front of you, how much you’ll use it, and where you’re going to be cutting. So how do you choose? We’re taking away the mystery to selecting the best chainsaw so you can buy it and get back to work.

Trust your device.
Trust your device. (Amazon/)

If you’re the person who volunteers to help friends clear their land after wind storms or tornadoes, or you heat your house with a wood stove, this is probably the chainsaw for you. With high torque over a wide rpm range, it’s ideal for jobs that require more power and a longer bar. It’s also ergonomically designed to be able to handle easily even with the additional power. Expect all the extras from an air-cleaning system that removes large dust and debris to a combined choke and stop control to reduce the risk of engine flooding. The only real risk is letting friends borrow it—you may never get it back.

Don’t want to break the bank.
Don’t want to break the bank. (Amazon/)

An 18-inch bar and chain and 2-cycle engine will give you what you need for most basic projects around your yard. And you also get quickstart technology for earlier pull-starts and tool-free access to spark plug and filters. The 5-point vibration system makes it more comfortable than older chainsaws. If you don’t have a week’s salary to drop on a saw, this is a great, budget, lightweight, and efficient option.

Ditch the gas.
Ditch the gas. (Amazon/)

Tired of wondering if you’re out of gas, or if the gas in your chainsaw has gone bad? For those household projects like trimming hedges or cutting out dead branches, go with a chainsaw you plug in. This 14.5 amp motor cuts similar to a gas chainsaw without fumes and mess. It has automatic oil lubrication and a built-in oil reservoir with window level indicator. The chain operates at 12 meters per second and the auto tension chain system stays at the right tension for hundreds of uses.

Skip fumes and cords.
Skip fumes and cords. (Amazon/)

We know, a battery-operated chainsaw doesn’t seem like something that works. But think again. This chainsaw has 6300 RPM and a 14-inch bar and chain. Throw it in your truck or camper for ease cutting firewood at a campsite. Keep it in the garage for those small projects around the house. Expect up to 100 cuts per charge—plenty for any of the more minor jobs—and the chain has a kickback break for added safety.


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