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Four boots made to keep your feet dry

Keep your feet dry and secure.
Keep your feet dry and secure. (Nahuel Hawkes via Unsplash/)

We all understand, in theory, why waterproof boots matter. Wet feet are the quickest way to blisters, frostbite, and even foot rot. Even in the best circumstances, wet feet are just plain uncomfortable. But not everyone has to buy knee high muck boots or pricey GORE-TEX. We picked out four options for whatever your outdoor need.

Stay dry day after day.
Stay dry day after day. (Amazon/)

Imagine waking up in the morning after a long pack into a lake. You stretch your legs out of your tent and slip your feet into boots. But instead of cool and dry, they’re freezing cold and soaking wet. And you have days of hiking in front of you. These boots won’t let that happen. The rubber sides and sole keep your feet forever separated from the ground. GORE-TEX ensures waterproofness for the life of the boots and technology in the midsole optimizes weight and performance.

For when you need to walk through creeks.
For when you need to walk through creeks. (Amazon/)

These aren’t your grandpa’s irrigation boots. The XTRATUF boots are 100 percent waterproof with triple-dipped latex neoprene. They’re also slip-resistant with toe and heel guards that protect against abrasions. The best part is the moisture-wicking insoles that absorb shocks and have an open cell structure that reduce insole drying time.

Look good. Protect your feet.
Look good. Protect your feet. (Amazon/)

You’re not going on a five-day backpacking trip in these, but for the days you need to look decent in the office or for a dinner, but also need to do a site visit in the rain or check out a trail, these are your boot. Their waterproof construction is designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The suede is practical and attractive. And the style transitions better than any boot from the trail to the office.

Buy for comfort, stay for durability.
Buy for comfort, stay for durability. (Amazon/)

Go ahead, put these to the test. Take them out on a trail, run through puddles or shallow creeks. The performance suede leather and mesh is waterproof and breathable. The closed-cell foam tongue keeps moisture and debris out. The protective rubber toe cap keeps your toes safe and extends the life of your shoe. The Vibram TCS sole is all you need to stay upright on even the slipperiest surfaces.


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