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First aid kids that help you stay safe outdoors

Be prepared.
Be prepared. (Carlos Hevia via Unsplash/)

Anytime you leave the house for the woods, you should have a first aid kit. It’s the best way to know you’ll be safe even if accident strikes. Most should have some of the basics—bandages, painkillers, antibiotic ointment. But after that, what you need may well vary depending on what you do. We’ve got you covered with a kit for nearly anything.

Go light, but take what you need.
Go light, but take what you need. (Amazon/)

Rarely will you find something that could save your life in the woods and weighs less than a pound. The Medical Adventure Kit is one of those. It’s water resistant and organizes everything by injury in clearly-labeled pockets. It’s made to solve many of the basic wilderness injuries for one-to- two people for up to four days. Hopefully you won’t need it, but if you do, you’ll be thankful to have it along.

Know you have what you need.
Know you have what you need. (Amazon/)

If you need an all-around medical kit for sports activities or car camping, consider this one. It includes everything basic you’ll need from burn cream and alcohol prep pads to sting relief prep pads, antiseptic pads, and antibiotic ointment. It also has gauze, finger splints, scissors, and an instant cold pack. Lastly, it has a bilingual first aid guide.

Never leave home without it.
Never leave home without it. (Amazon/)

You may not think you need disposable gloves or an emergency blanket until you do. That’s why this is the best medical kit to throw in your car and know you have what you need. In addition to basic supplies, it also contains a CPR mask, trauma shears, Moleskin, and a variety of bandages. The medical kit also contains a mini first-aid pouch if you need supplies to throw in a bag for a day hike.

Get wet.
Get wet. (Amazon/)

Throw this first aid kit in your boat and go. The waterproof case has 163 items and is multipurpose for just about any minor disaster. It has a hand-pressing flashlight, safety pins, a whistle, and a complete array of bandages. It also comes with stainless-steel tweezers, saber card, and cotton sticks. Refill when needed.


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