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Custom Knife and hunting Equipment with Current Composites

G10 Plastic on a knife

We at Current Composites have been serving the knife and hunting industry since 1962 and we have only increased our proficiency in our craft since then. Our specialization in the production of G-10 has allowed us to become an invaluable asset in the creation of custom weapon handles. With the progress and innovation that we have spearheaded in the community, we have found ways to create handles for tools made from our G-10 material that is unlike any you have ever seen. Over the years we have created countless pieces for our customers and each of those pieces reflects a bit of who they are. To achieve this, we employ a wide range of techniques to ensure that every piece is unique. To get a better idea of what we can do and how we do it, here are details regarding the many customization options that we give to our customers.

Color Options

            The first aspect we offer regarding our customization options is a wide variety of color options. A perk of our manufacturing process allows us to produce G-10 in over 20 different colors. We can add special perks to certain colors. Dayglow and orange colored G-10, for example, will glow under blacklight, which is a cool addition for any piece. We can also apply these colors in unique patterns and combine them in different ways. Our combination techniques include multilayering, burling, and marbling. We have innovated unique decorative applications in fingerprint patterns, faux fabric patterns, and organic patterns. We can blend colors and arrange them together to create organic appearances, which would create a sought-after design. From natural colors and camouflage to bright and vivid colors that are radiant, we can create practically any design you can imagine. However, colors and patterns are only one piece of our customization options.

Infused G-10

            We have the ability to mix our G-10 with other materials to create unique finishes and textures on our products. We can combine G-10 with copper to give it an extra shine which will ultimately add to its elegance. We can also add textures for an additional element to the material. We can make a fine or coarse handle or something in between. We can create a handle that has zero drag by sealing it with a glossy finish. We can give it a dip, pivot, or sand it down to make it easier to grip, depending on your preference. We also offer faux leather or turtle shell surface textures. Overall, combining the G-10 with other materials allows us to make products with extremely unique characteristics. These numerous options allow our customers to get the perfect piece for their specifications.


            Overall, with our expertise in creating extremely unique and entirely customizable G-10/FR4 handles, we have the capabilities to complete any custom order that comes our way. We at Current Composites have long been involved in the hunting industry. We make handles for knives, guns, tools like hammers and screwdrivers, axes, pots, pans, and more. Whether you live near our location in East Haven Connecticut or live in another country if you need custom handles for your tools then give us a call today. We strive to do every job the right way every time. As soon as you place an order, we will get to work creating the best and most unique G-10 handles for you.

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