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Colorado Free-for-All is Tuesday


Tuesday August 6 at 9:00 am, the firing pistol goes off and thousands of applicants have about 5 minutes to snap up the best of the Colorado leftover tags, that is, if they can get through. That means you only have today to study the  leftover list. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long. There are tens of thousands of licenses but the vast majority are for does or cows.


Look over the list and write down at least 10 hunt codes for a species.  Make sure you can access your account with your CID #. Give that a trial run now. You may need a new password. Get set to take your shot.


Don’t show up at a CPW office at 3 am to be first in line without finding out if they call you up by order in line or by lottery. Don’t buy at a retailer unless you know they can accommodate you and will do so on the stroke of 9:00.  If you want to buy online, log on at CPW Shop before 9:00 am but DON’T go past the residency page until seconds after 9:00. If you do, it will log you out at 9:00 and you’ll need to spend time to get back to that page. Don’t call the main CPW phone, call 800-244-5613 Don’t apply as a group unless there are lots of license left. The agent has to talk to every group member. Don’t assume because a license is in your cart that you got it. The winner is the first one through the whole process. Don’t try to buy an A group license if you already have one for that species, you can only get a B or C license. Unless you feel extremely lucky, don’t try for the hunts where only 1 or 2 are on the list, especially if quantity has the word “float” which means the one license can be gotten by people listing any of several related hunt codes, usually different seasons.

Over the Counter Licenses 

OTC licenses go on sale until Thursday, August 8 at 9am. 

Reissued Licenses 

Reissued licenses, which is where the real gold is, will be randomly added to the leftover list starting August 13. There can be some very good licenses here, but you have to check diligently every day for weeks. Last year one of the best bighorn sheep licenses in the state showed up on the list later on.

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