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Trip Tips for a Perfect Cody Yellowstone Vacation

Cody Yellowstone is one of the least populated places in the country’s least populated state. If you want to experience big sky, big wildlife herds, big rivers and big valleys rather than big crowds this year, plan your days carefully. But bear in mind that Cody Yellowstone will be tremendously popular this year, and reservations for RV spaces are already booming.

Gather and Review Resources Soon

For starters, download or request a free copy of the 2021 Cody Yellowstone Vacation Guide for at-a-glance information and use online resources to find out about lodging and camping in Cody and Yellowstone National Park. You can also find out about attractions, maps, park road conditions, entrance fees, parking and Cody and Yellowstone dining options.

Like to have your information online? Download the free Yellowstone National Park app for interactive maps, itinerary suggestions, wildlife watching safety recommendations, history, stories and more.

Buffalo Bill Center. Photo courtesy of Cody Yellowstone

Time it Right

If possible, visit during the shoulder season to avoid peak-season crowds. The last two weeks in May, first two weeks in June, last two weeks in August and first week in September typically see fewer visitors than peak summer periods.

Sign with the heading "Old Trail Town" with Old West buildings in the background.
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Camping World’s Guide to RVing Acadia National Park

With windswept coastlines, rugged mountains, thick forests, and alpine meadows, Acadia National Park is one of the premier wilderness destinations in the entire US.

Located on the coast of Maine on Mount Desert Island, the park covers more than 49,000 acres and includes a small chain of islands that are unique and wild in their own right. This gives Acadia some of the most diverse landscapes and ecosystems of any national park, which is why it attracts more than three million annual visitors. 

Acadia is easily accessible and accommodating to every traveler, despite its remote location. It offers roadways to explore by vehicle, trails for hiking and biking, and plenty of water to canoe and kayak. There are also multiple campgrounds found within its boundaries, with even more options located nearby

If you’re searching for outdoor adventure and breathtaking views, point your RV towards Acadia National Park. Here’s what you need to know before you go. 

Why Visit Acadia National Park in an RV?

Photo by Alexey Stiop via Shutterstock

With 27 miles of historic roads and three RV-friendly campgrounds, Acadia is an excellent destination for RVers, although patience is sometimes required.

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The Best RV for Working Remotely

The past few years have drastically changed how people work, live, and travel. Now, more than ever, workplace flexibility is making the daily cubicle a thing of the past. Don’t believe it? Check out these 10 Awesome True Life RVer Jobs.

Hybrid and remote work is becoming popular as more companies embrace the evidence that a flexible workplace is as productive, if not more, than in-person office environments.

With the option to work anywhere, anytime, it should come as no surprise that people are opting to do so on the road. Having the ability to travel has long been a perk many look for in a career, especially for the traditional 9-5 roles.

Have you longed to explore a new landscape, coast, or city? Working remotely from an RV might be the answer to your wish. But which RV?

Check out the best RVs for working remotely and use these tips for finding the best RV for you.

Woman Working Remotely on Laptop from RV Sofa
KZ Durango Full Timer's Desk Option
Airstream Flying Cloud Office Space
Winnebago Travato Desk Space
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“Backing Up an RV” Learner’s Kit: Everything You Need

Backing up an RV, whether it’s a motorhome or travel trailer, can be really intimidating and frustrating at first. So here’s a Learner Kit with things that will help you park like a pro…

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14 Date Night (or Day) Ideas on Oregon’s Adventure Coast

There’s just something about Oregon’s Adventure Coast: Coos Bay, North Bend, Charleston that folks love unconditionally! Guess you could say that “love is in the air” around here, no matter when you visit! Impress your significant other with these fun and adventurous date night (or day) activities on Oregon’s Adventure Coast.

#1 — Enjoy a romantic dinner at a local restaurant with ambiance or beautiful views like 7 Devils Waterfront AlehouseHilltop HouseThe Plank House and Restaurant O (we recommend reservations). 

#2 — Enjoy a stroll, hand in hand, through the gardens and along the cliff trails at Shore Acres State Park, the crown jewel of the Oregon Coast.

Shore Acres State Park. Photo: Oregon’s Adventure Coast

#3 — Relax while soaking in a luxurious jetted hot tub in your private suite overlooking the bay at The Mill Casino * Hotel & RV Park.

A couple pose for a selfie in front of a long waterfall.
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5 RVs You Can Pull with an SUV

RVs provide the adventure of camping with the comforts of home. Towable RVs can be one of the least expensive ways to enjoy RV camping. While that’s true, you might be under the impression you need a larger budget for a motorhome or a heavy-duty truck to pull a towable RV. 

However, did you know there are RVs small enough (like the Happier Camper, for example) that you won’t need to buy a truck to pull it. Whatsmore, they’re small enough not to need to pay for RV storage!

We’ve got you covered with five RVs you can pull with your SUV. Keep your car, save on storage, and camp in the comfort of an RV. 

Key Things To Know About Towable RVs

Image by Airstream, Inc. from Unsplash

When shopping for a towable RV, you will need to know a few terms. Knowing what these terms mean will help you figure out if your current vehicle can tow the specific RV you’re looking at. 

Your Tow Vehicle

In your vehicle’s owner’s manual, you’ll want to look for your vehicle’s towing capacity. Most SUVs will be rated to tow somewhere between 1,500 pounds and 5,000 pounds. Each one is different, and of course, there are exceptions. Some SUVs can tow more than 5,000 pounds. Find out your vehicle’s tow capacity with a few clicks by using our handy tow guide.

No Boundaries 10 Series is small enough to tow with an SUV
TAXA's lightweight, garageable Mantis
Airstream Basecamp on a dirt road
Forest River R-Pod Hood River Edition
Jayco Hummingbird
5 RVs you can pull with an SUV
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6 of the Best Father’s Day Gifts for RVing Dads

If it wasn’t for the RVing dads of this world, many of us would be clueless about the joys of the RV lifestyle. Outdoorsy fathers introduce us to nature’s beauty, the joys of RV travel and the rewards of a well-maintained rig. Father’s Day is our annual opportunity to thank our adventure-loving dads, with great camping and RV gear that makes their life easier and fun.

Give Thanks Where Rubber Meets the Road

From the moment any RVing dad buys the family camper, he makes safety a priority. Most start where rubber meets the road, by purchasing top-quality RV tires. But too many dads put off the added expense of a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). They simply don’t know that even the best tire brands are sometimes casualties of tough RV driving conditions.

Getty Images

We learned this the hard way during our Alaska Highway adventure. Endless potholes and frost heaves triggered two flat trailer tires on that summer trip. If we didn’t own a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to keep tabs on our wheels, those situations would have been much worse.

A TPMS is a smart buy. It looks out for your safety by audibly warning you about deteriorating tire conditions. Your dad will instantly know when a tire is too low, too hot or quickly losing air. The newest TPMS systems have high-tech features that can catch tire problems before they happen. These warnings can help him avoid serious highway accidents commonly caused by tire failure.

Array of products to monitor tire pressure.
Pressure washer with tank and motorized unit.
Metal detector against all-white background.
Gas grill against an all-white background.
Array of campground furniture against white background.
A black, compact ice maker against a white background.
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10 Quirky Museums Worth Re-routing the RV For

Part of the joy of RV travel is the wonderful places we discover by serendipity. Over the years, we have found a lot of them, almost always by following our curiosity and getting off the main roads. Here are 10 quirky museums we have found that are worth re-routing the RV for:

1. The Tupperware Museum, Kissimmee, FL

Image: Vince360 / Shutterstock

The Tupperware Confidence Center,  located just behind the main lobby at the Tupperware Brands Global Headquarters in Kissimmee just south of Orlando, is one of those quirky little looks at American culture sure to fascinate. There you can see the lettuce keeper and the celery keeper and the snap-top salt and pepper shakers you remember, as well as all the new Tupperware products.

Yes, Tupperware is still very much in business. You can watch demonstrations in the on-site kitchen and visit the gift shop for an eye-popping array of colors and uses. Earl Tupper was a prolific inventor, and received hundreds of patents, but will always be remembered for Tupperware, which had sales of nearly three billion dollars last year.  Women around the world are still selling Tupperware and attending jubilees.

A new look at old ideas, some historical tidbits you never knew (but probably should), and just the right thing to solve that storage problem in your RV—they’re all waiting for you, out in Kissimmee.

Good Sam Campgrounds Nearby

Sherwood Forest RV ResortTropical Palms RV Resort

2. The Castle Dome Mining Museum, near Yuma, AZ

Image: T-I / Shutterstock

When we find something that catches our eye, we’re more than willing to change directions and check it out. That’s what happened in Arizona when we saw a small, dusty sign for the Castle Dome Mining Museum. We were on our way somewhere else but, hey, what’s a detour? It had to be close, right? Wrong.

Castle Dome Mining Museum
US Flag on RV
National Museum of Naval Aviation
RV Hall of Fame
The Enchanted Highway
Jell-O Museum
Ice Cream Sundae Museum
1880s Town Saloon
Steamboat of Arabia
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10 Basic RV Maintenance Tips to Keep Your RV in Great Shape

Learning how to maintain your RV doesn’t have to be a monumental task. Join RV Expert, Ian Baker, as he runs through the simple basics of RV maintenance in under four minutes. Or, use our outline below to make sure you’ve covered all your bases.

If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, or you just don’t have the time to do these tasks – leave the labor to someone else. Good Sam members receive $50 off service and installation at Camping World service centers, up to twice a year. That’s $100 toward upgrades or common repairs! Enroll in a Good Sam membership to start earning points and enjoying member benefits.

Read Your RV Owner’s Manual

Follow the manufacturer’s owner’s manual to see exactly what you should do to keep your motorhome or travel trailer in top condition. You can always schedule an appointment with a certified RV service technician at one of our many Camping World locations.

How to Maintain your RV Roof

RV roofs take a lot of abuse from harsh weather like hail, sun, wind, and rain. Roofs should be checked periodically for damage.

As a general rule, if your RV comes equipped with a factory-installed ladder, your roof is walkable. If not, use a stable ladder to maintain your roof from the side. Keep your roof clean by washing it with a light solvent and water. Parking under sappy trees warrants a wash as soon as possible.

New Tires For RV Camper Van. Taking Care of Motorhome and Travel Trailer Tires.
Photo Tripping America - Handle Maintenance - Camping World
holding tank rv
slideouts on an rv
Minnie Winnie
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Why You Should Avoid Campsite Cancellations

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Photo from Istock

Much like 2021, 2022 is seeing a record number of people reserving (or trying to reserve) campsites. Reservations must often be made months in advance to be successful in state parks or national parks (or provincial parks if you are reserving in Canada). 

But who knows exactly what’s going to happen in life, months down the road? Nobody plans to cancel a campsite reservation, but life has its own way of making us change our plans.

With the pandemic, natural disasters, and all the other unpredictable life events, campsite cancellations can be impossible to avoid. Even with all that in mind, canceling a campsite can cause problems. 

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The New Starlink For RVs Will Keep You Connected

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Stay Connected While Camping With Starlink For RVs

As a technical family, we rely heavily on the internet. People often ask us where we prefer to stay when we’re out on the road as fulltimers. Our answer is usually “near the cities, because we need good Internet access for work”. And that is the truth; we heavily examine the cell system coverage maps and check campground reviews before booking any campground. 

We are also firm believers in redundancy and have cell packages from AT&T, Verizon, and additional hotspot data on our T-Mobile phones. And we all know, of course, that campground Wi-Fi is rarely worth even attempting.

But now, with the new Starlink RV just announced, we are really excited! This mobile internet will allow us to do more boondocking. While Starlink does have upfront costs, these expenses should easily be recouped by more off-grid camping during our travels. 

In addition, for roughly the same monthly cost as any of our current cell packages, Starlink RV has potentially much greater speeds. According to PCMag, speeds can range from 5 Mpbs (Megabits per second) download to as high as 250 Mbps! The best cell speeds we’ve seen, infrequently, is about 110 Mbps.

Starlink Dishy and Router
Starlink Current Coverage Map for North America
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Top 5 Class B Motorhomes Available Today

Travel with your loved one is easy when you have a class B motorhome to get you to your destination. These RVs are built with compact designs that are comfortable to drive and easy to maneuver so that you can feel more confident on the road. Learn about the top five class B motorhomes available near you below!

Find moreclass B motorhomes for sale.

This Chinook Bayside DB class B motorhome is an excellent example of the sleek designs available in class B motorhomes. You’ll love that the full bath in the rear of the RV gives you all the space you need to get cleaned up after a long day on the road. The 10′ power awning on the exterior of this RV ensures you always have a shady place to rest.

Additional Features:

Full Rear BathWardrobe10′ Power AwningStainless Steel Convection MicrowaveYou’ll love sitting under this awning enjoying a good book.

The Coachmen Beyond 22C AWD class B motorhome is a perfect couple’s coach with everything you need to make your week away at the campground comfortable. The all-wheel-drive feature allows you to get to even the toughest campsites without worrying about getting stuck. The living space features plenty of seating with the power sofa and swivel captain’s chairs.

Additional Features:

Chinook Main
Chinook Awning
Coachmen Kitchen
Coachmen Living
Entegra Kitchen
Jayco Cab
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Georgia’s Top 5 Parks

Georgia is home to some of the most beautiful areas in the whole country. Many of the state’s best attractions and natural landscapes can be found within the state parks.

The wild, rocky landscape of the Peach State is home to many gorgeous attractions. Some of these attractions are shrouded in mystery, like the ancient rock wall found in Fort Mountain State Park, while other state parks boast incredible canyons with powerful waterfalls, like those of Tallulah Falls or Cloudland Canyon. Another notable state park, Stone Mountain, is a veritable time capsule to the state’s complicated history, and several of the others offer the unique feature of yurt-style glamping, a treat for campers of all ages (and levels of experience).

If you’re looking for fun activities to do while camping in Georgia, look no further. Here’s the information you need to know about the best state parks in Georgia for RV camping. 

1. Stone Mountain Park

Image by DavidTLC from Getty

Located just 15 miles from Atlanta, Stone Mountain is the state’s most-visited attraction. The park highlights many unusual and exciting attractions, including The Lasershow Spectacular in MountainVision, an iconic show featuring lasers, choreographed drone flights, flame cannons, fireworks, lights, and music. The Summit Skyride uses a high-speed Swiss cable car to provide fantastic views of the world’s largest relief carving, the Atlanta skyline, the Appalachian Mountains, and up to 60 miles of the surrounding area!

The Stone Mountain Museum at Memorial Hall displays artifacts and stories that span 12,000 years, from ancient civilizations that lived on the mountain, to Civil War history, to present-day events. When it comes to Georgia, you’ll find some of the best campsites at Stone Mountain State Park, including traditional RV, camper, and primitive sites. Stone Mountain is unique in offering furnished yurts, RV/campers, and safari tents for rent. WIFI is available throughout the park, which is great for downtime. Your family is sure to make tons of memories at Stone Mountain State Park.

Cloudland CanyonA scenic view of a mountain canyon.

Georgia's top 5 state parks
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Roberts Resorts Launches ‘Village Camp’

The first two Village Camp resorts are being developed near Lake Tahoe, California, and Flagstaff, Arizona. The resorts will offer luxuriously appointed tiny homes that can be rented or purchased as private getaway cabins.

Village Camp, a new concept in RV resorts, is being launched with the development of resort communities near Lake Tahoe, California, and Flagstaff, Arizona.

Interior of a Village Camp cabin.

Developed by Roberts Resorts, Village Camp will be an upscale outdoor resort company that combines oversized RV sites with luxury adventure cabins that can be rented or purchased as private getaway cabins.

Village Camp Truckee

Village Camp Truckee Tahoe is being developed on the site of the 130-site Coachland RV Park in Truckee, California, while Village Camp Flagstaff will be built on the previously undeveloped property in Flagstaff, Arizona.

A box-shaped camping cabin with modern lines.
A white interior kitchen.
Cyclists gather in a forest of alder.
Kitchen and loft with coffee-colored floors and white walls and ceiling.
A lone Airstream trailer parked near a campsite with fire.
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10 Outdoor Patio Ideas for a Better Camping Experience

One of the first things an RV enthusiast does when the weather starts to warm up is hit the open road. Who could blame them? Not me! I’m right there with you. While you tend to spend the latter part of winter and the first part of spring getting the inside of your RV ready for your next adventure, it’s time to think about your patio once the weather hits those warmer temperatures.

A huge perk of the RV lifestyle is outdoor living, so your patio pulls double duty. It’s a way to enjoy your surroundings, sure, but it’s also a way to expand your living space to make the most of your time on the road. Check out these ten outdoor patio ideas for a better camping experience to help your next trip become your best trip.

LED Illuminated Patio Mat with Wave Design

LED Illuminated Patio Mat with Wave Design

Everything is evolving these days, and welcome mats are no exception. With the LED Illuminated Patio Mat, you’ll always be able to find your way back home – even in your home away from home. Featuring tight weaving and reinforced stitching, this mat ensures long-lasting durability while the UV-coated polypropylene prevents fading. To illuminate, simply plug it into an RV exterior 100-volt GFCI outlet. Leaving the patio light on just took on a whole new meaning.

Black Lantern Mini Light Set

Black Lantern Mini Light Set

Speaking of lights, is there anything better than a set of string lights strung across a patio? There’s something about the soft glow at night that encourages everyone to relax, and the Black Lantern Mini Light Set will provide a nostalgic feel with its throwback design. There are plugs on both ends for linking multiple strands together, so you can have as much or as little light as you want.

Color-Changing Edison LED Light Set

Color-Changing Edison LED Light Set

If you’re looking for a light source that’s a little bolder, a little more fun, and a little more exciting then check out the Color-Changing Edison LED Light Set. The retro Edison-style bulbs give off a variety of changing colors making for a festive patio space whether you’re having a party or kicking back with your loved one after a long day of adventures. Changing colors? Now that’s a bright idea.

Black Lantern Mini Light Set
Color-Changing Edison LED Light Set
Mr. Bar-B-Q Portable Outdoor Fire Pit
The Peak Smokeless Patio Fire Pit
Safewell Propane Patio Heater
Club Chair, Ottoman and Table Bundle
Grill and Table Bundle
Portable Picnic Table with Benches
Venture 5-Sided QuickSet Screen Shelter
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How to Repel Bugs When Camping

Nothing can ruin a camping trip quite like bugs. While they may serve a great purpose in maintaining nature’s delicate balance, they’re quite annoying when trying to relax at your campsite. To make life more enjoyable, you’ll need to know how to repel bugs when camping. 

These camping tricks to keep bugs away will be especially helpful during the spring, at the height of bug season in most US locations. Here are easy ways to avoid being bugged on your next camping trip. 

How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Campsite

You should first consider reducing the number of bugs you welcome into your campsite. Various bug repellent and pest control solutions can help you keep bugs out of your campsite and avoid itching mosquito bites. 

Bug Sprays

Photo by Camping World

Bug spray is the obvious one. These solutions are meant to be sprayed on clothing, tents, and other camping gear to repel mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other insects. Bug sprays contain different ingredients, such as DEET, picaridin, and lemon eucalyptus. They must be applied and re-applied at recommended intervals. 

Shop bug sprays.

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Tips for RVing With Dogs

One of the many benefits of RVing is being able to bring along your furry family members. It can be so rewarding watching your dogs experience new places, sights, and sniffs—they’ll love the adventures just as much as you will! 

RVing with dogs doesn’t have to be stressful either, as long as you are prepared, know what to expect, and have planned a dog-friendly road trip. Here are some tips to make your next trip the best trip:

Plan Ahead

Photo: Shutterstock

Research pet-friendly destinations ahead of time. Some campgrounds and RV parks do not allow pets at all, so you’ll want to know this before showing up. It’s also not enough just to verify that they allow dogs, because some have breed and weight restrictions. Check the park’s website or call beforehand to confirm and understand their rules and regulations for pets. It’s also not uncommon for parks to allow pets only on certain sites and/or charge a few extra dollars per day per pet.

Check out the pet-friendly destinations below to plan your next trip:

Dog-Friendly RV Destinations in the NortheastDog-Friendly RV Destinations in the WestDog-Friendly RV Destinations in the SouthDog-Friendly RV Destinations in the Midwest

National Parks

Travelers are often caught by surprise when they discover that many National Parks do not allow dogs on the trails. This is usually to protect the environment of the park and ensure visitors’ safety. Dogs are typically allowed in the park and campgrounds, just not on trails, so you’ll need to plan accordingly when you head out for a hike or bike ride. It’s important to brush up on any national park pet restrictions before visiting to ensure your visit is smooth and easy once you and your furry friends have arrived.

iJoy Spy Wireless Mini Camera
pet temperature monitor
Pet Fence
Pet Safety Light
collapsible water bowl
dog family hike
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Why You Need An Alternative Power Source To RV Solar

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CarGenerator provides off-grid power without the hassle of a gas generator.

Sponsored by Car Generator

If You Rely On Solar, Here’s Why You Need An Alternative Power Source  

Solar power has seen a steady rise in popularity in recent years, and with good reason. This popularity has flowed over into the RV world.

Although solar power is great, it does have some limitations and disadvantages. CarGenerator can eliminate those limitations and give you ultimate freedom with your RV without the hassle of a gas generator.

CarGenerator mounted to the front of a vehicle parked beside an Airstream used as an alternative power source
CarGenerator in use on top of a black SUV
Woman holds CarGenerator unit in front of row of airstream trailers
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What You Should Know About RV Financing Pre-Approval

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Should you get pre-approved for RV financing? Photo: Istock

Buying a decent RV requires a lot of money. Newer RVs prices start at $20,000, but the cost of an RV can range well into millions of dollars. 

Many people make the decision to finance their RV through an RV loan. An RV loan works something like a home mortgage; terms are frequently between 10 and 20 years and are typically secured by the RV itself. RV financing pre-approval can give you a leg up when it comes to your RV purchase. 

With pre-approved RV financing, you’ll be able to get the RV you want, and you may be able to have a bit of leverage on the price of an RV at a dealership. While RV dealers can get you pre-approval for RV financing, you’ll have to buy an RV off their lot after you are pre-approved. There are lending companies who will work with you to get pre-approval for financing to buy an RV from any dealer or private seller you want. 

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The RVer’s Guide to Suspension Systems

Leaf springs, greased bolts, equalizers, chucking, axle hangers, and more. What is RV suspension, and what exactly does it do? Not understanding suspension can cause anxiety and uncertainty, especially for new RVers or when traveling to an area with unknown terrain.

But there’s nothing to worry about when you know what you’re working with. Most RV and tow vehicle suspension systems have similar critical components at a base level and are not too difficult to understand.

What is Vehicle Suspension?

Photo by Samantha Baderschneider

In a nutshell, suspension systems are the “knees” of the vehicle, RV, or trailer frame. They flex, distribute energy, and reduce stress on your RV’s frame. That frame is your RV’s foundation, so reducing the strain, chucking, or jerking on that frame creates a smoother ride and extends the life of your vehicle. 

Suspension impacts your driving experience in two main ways: ride and handling. Ride is your truck’s ability to make bumpy roads feel smoother. Handling is your vehicle’s ability to accelerate, brake, and corner. 

When your tires pass over a bump in the road, the wheel accelerates vertically. Without proper vehicle suspension, your tires would briefly lose contact with the road before gravity does its job and come slamming back down to Earth. 

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