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God Be with You, Lennie Rue

If there’s one person who has changed the way modern American hunters understand whitetails, it’s Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III. He can not only be credited for his landmark insights on deer behavior, he pioneered such research when he became a private land wildlife manager more than 65 years ago. This legendary naturalist, author-photography and […]

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Today We Honor the Patron Saint of Hunters

For thousands of years, European hunters have viewed St. Hubert’s legacy as the epitome of hunting ethics and wildlife conservation.

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When 1 Buck Got You a LOT of Whiskey

Preface: This blog post explains the origin of the phrase “buck” when it comes to U.S. currency, but the fascination goes well beyond its link to the white-tailed deer. I should also note that it’s taken me years to realize it, but I’m a genuine nerd when it comes to statistics, especially when applying them […]

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Don’t Shoot Spike Bucks as an Excuse

Read that headline again before you react. Also, please read this post!  There was a time in North America when old-time hunters would say, “Once a spike, always a spike!” The funny thing about that saying is they said it with all seriousness in their voices, but no one really believed it. Yep … they […]

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Deer Talk Now is One of the Best Hunting Podcasts

Who wants to join our deer camp? I’ve received the request numerous times during my journey here at Deer & Deer Hunting, and I’m proud to say the opportunity is now available. Well, virtually speaking anyway. I know a lot of you have followed us during our foray into online videos, including the launch of […]

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The First Bowhunting Season in America

If you’re a bowhunter, you can thank Roy Case for his persistence in getting archery hunting legalized in North America. His efforts took years, but the end result was a new kind of activity in the woods, fields and swamps across the country. Roy Case hailed from Racine, Wisconsin, and he was an avid field […]

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How to Maintain Your Crossbow

Protect your investment by following these simple yet easy tips on how to service and maintain your crossbow before, during and after deer season.

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Forward vs. Reverse Draw Crossbows

So many options ... which one is right for you? Dan Schmidt explains the differences between today's modern crossbows for whitetail hunters.

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It’s Mosquito Season, But Don’t Despair

I’ve used Thermacell units since they were made available to the general public 22 years ago (the technology was first unveiled in 1994). Seeing that it’s been 20+ years, I just assumed everyone in America knew about them. I was wrong. This past month, I had the pleasure of welcoming a new videographer to our […]

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Simple, Quick Bow-Shooting Tip

Decent shot opportunities are few and far between when bowhunting on pressured public land, and this easy tip will help you make the shot when the pressure is on.

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Best Rests for Crossbow Hunting

Dan Schmidt explains some of the different rests he uses when crossbow hunting for deer, and provides insights on which ones are best for certain situations.

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This is the Oldest-Known Photo of a Deer

When was the first-ever photograph taken of a deer? The year might surprise you, as will the species of the deer that was photographed for the first time in the U.S. It’s amazing how far photography has come in the past 25 years. When I started working here at D&DH, we relied 100% on color-slide […]

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What to Do After the Shot

Dan Schmidt provides insights on how to drastically shorten the time it takes to recover that hard-earned venison.

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Deer Hunter Whiffs on Easy Shot … at 5 Feet Away!

Chalk this one up as a hard lesson in buck fever … and perhaps being a little too eager on the trigger. This is a good lesson for all gun-deer hunters on what not to do when a deer comes running at you for what appears to be an easy opportunity. This obviously wasn’t his […]

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How to Test Soil for Deer Food Plots

These early summer days have most of us enjoying the heat but also looking forward to those first cool mornings in autumn … and bowhunting season! If you are planning out new food plots for deer — or merely getting ready to replant those from last year — take a couple of extra minutes right […]

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Which Type of Field Point is Best for Crossbows?

What is the best field point to shoot out of your crossbow? There really isn’t a right or wrong answer, well, depending upon which type of crossbow you are shooting. Older-style crossbows aren’t picky — you can get by with about anything. However, selection changes the newer you get and also how fast that crossbow […]

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Bartylla Blog: How Screening Can Be Used

Two real-world examples of how to use screening to reduce the pressure we put on the deer and help funnel them past our stands.

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“Yeah, Must Be Nice …”

It doesn’t matter if you hunt deer, turkeys, pheasants, ducks, geese, bears or anything in between, there will come a day when you’ll be on the receiving end of some really mean-spirited jealousy. Here’s my 2 cents on this topic, based on more than 25 years of near-daily encounters (be that in-person or third hand […]

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Bartylla Blog: Human Pressure and Mature Buck Sanctuaries

Can we ever head into mature buck sanctuaries or should we avoid them forever? Steve Bartylla says how he approaches these areas.

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The 5 Best Apple Trees for DIY Orchards

Whether you like growing apples for deer and other wild game animals, or you just want to grow the best-tasting fruit for eating, baking, or making sauce or cider, here is my completely biased Top 5 list for this week’s Dan Schmidt Deer blog post. I must preface this conversation that apple trees are like […]

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