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Montana Seeking Input on Grizzly Bear Management Plan

“For decades, FWP staff have worked with federal, tribal, and local partners, along with communities and landowners, to recover and then manage grizzly bear populations across much of Montana,” said FWP Director Hank Worsech. “This plan will put that experience into action and provide a framework for comprehensive management of grizzly bears in the state and ensure the populations remain sustainable and healthy into the future.”

The new plan would replace two prior plans, those for western Montana and southwest Montana, to one, statewide plan in which FWP will maintain long-term viability and prioritize human safety. Montana has petitioned the USFWS to delist grizzly bears much like Wyoming did a handful of years ago because both states have far surpassed recovery goals. The draft would also address how bears will be managed outside the federal recovery zone. The state is looking for public input online and will be holding an FWP webinar on Dec. 15 via Zoom. The plan will be open for public comment until January 5th here. 

Once the comment period is up, FWP staff will review and make appropriate changes necessary and then the department will present the plan to the Fish and Wildlife Commission for their review and endorsement. 

If you’ve got skin in this game be sure to give FWP your dos pesos.

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