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High-performance bags for any kind of travel

Pack just right.
Pack just right. (Marc Rafanell López via Unsplash/)

Have you ever tried running through a crowded airport lugging a dry bag? It’s not the definition of handy. Have you thrown a rolling duffle into a raft for a three-day river trip? Also not a great call. Fortunately, bags used in their intended locations are often the difference between comfort and something akin to expedition failure. We’ve picked four good ones for whatever adventure you are planning.

Have fun, stay dry.
Have fun, stay dry. (Amazon/)

Yes, this bag is made by a company predominantly known for their bullet-proof coolers. They’re expanding out, and it’s a good thing. This bag isn’t a cooler, it’s not insulated and it won’t keep your cheese cold. But it will keep all of your gear dry no matter what. Capsize in the river? Not a problem. Sitting in the back of your truck in a down poor? Totally fine. The extra-tough outside means it’s not going to puncture on a stick or branch, and straps let you throw it quickly on your back for transport.

Take what you need anywhere.
Take what you need anywhere. (Amazon/)

Whatever you’re doing in the woods, from hunting to hiking to photography, this bag won’t let you down. The main compartment is 10-inches by 7-inches by 4-inches, but can be divided into smaller sections. It’s made of high-density Oxford nylon fabric, making it strong and durable. Use it as a fanny pack around your waste, a shoulder bag or handbag. All versions include padded, adjustable straps. Basically, this bag will be what you want wherever you go.

Don’t leave a fly behind.
Don’t leave a fly behind. (Amazon/)

This bag’s biggest attribute is that it can store an impressive amount of fishing gear with little effort. It comes with pockets everywhere, all well thought-out. It has extra rod belts for two rods, a water-bottle pocket for easy-access hydration and pockets at the bottom for pliers or fish grippers. The full-length double zippers are anti-corrosion, smooth and durable. It’s also water-resistant nylon. Use it as a hand bag, crossbody bag, chest bag, or sling bag.

Get your gear where it needs to be.
Get your gear where it needs to be. (Amazon/)

This is not your grandma’s roller bag. And anyone who thinks rolling bags aren’t tough hasn’t met this one. With 105 liters of space and treaded wheels, this duffle is meant to go through airports, cobblestone streets and even down a rutted two track. Save your back, or keep your back free for a fishing pack or day bag. It’s likely to hold up to whatever situation you throw at it, but if it doesn’t, Eagle Creek’s signature No Matter What warranty means it will be repaired or replaced, no questions asked, forever.


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