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CMC Triggers Announce it is Enhancing its Business Model to Better Serve Distribution and Customers

CMC Triggers made significant changes to staffing and sales to serve customers faster, smarter, and better.

CMC Triggers Corp., a Texas-based, family-owned and operated company designing and producing quality aftermarket gun parts and accessories, is revamping areas of the business to become a more agile and proficient supplier of their products to retailers, distributors, and end-users.

During the pandemic, shoppers across the board relied more on the online shopping experience for everything from food products to firearms accessories. CMC Triggers President, Jack Biegel, quickly identified his customers’ changing purchasing habits, and responded with meaningful changes within the corporate structure.

CMC Triggers reduced its internal sales staff and is in the process of streamlining online ordering for retailers. As part of their new corporate strategy, CMC Triggers ensures all customers, including retailers and distributors, that the same high-quality aftermarket gun parts will continue to be available through a faster, better, and smarter system. CMC Triggers’ outstanding customer service will also continue to surpass customer expectations.

“In our highly competitive market, it is important for a company to respond aggressively, without sacrificing the quality of product and customer service,” Biegel stated. “We want to eliminate layers within our business to become nimbler and give our customers the best American-made products and service in a streamlined approach. There is one thing, though, that CMC Triggers will not sacrifice, and that is the amount of research and development, testing, and quality control that goes into each product designed at our facility. When we announce a new model or product, our customers can rest assured it meets our rigorous standard and can stand up in any environment from the range to the battlefield.”

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About CMC Triggers Corp.:

CMC Trigger Corp., founded in 2003 and headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, the family-owned and operated aftermarket gun parts company is best known for its AR15/10 Original Drop-in Trigger Group. Building on their success in the highly competitive aftermarket gun parts business, CMC continues to introduce new products based on CMC’s state-of-the-art design, experience and knowledge in manufacturing and materials, and precision manufacturing. No product is released to CMC’s customers until it passes our fastidious quality control and relentless testing.

CMC Triggers Corp. is proud to provide our civilian, law enforcement, and military customers with the finest aftermarket gun parts and accessories. CMC offers a 100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty on everything we build and sell.

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