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Available exclusively at Lowe’s, the new Char-Broil Cruise™ Gas Grill is the first of its kind, allowing grillers to set and maintain a cooking temperature

For over seven decades, Char-Broil has been one of the most trusted names in outdoor cooking by offering innovative products that make grilling enjoyable for everyone, no matter their skill level. Now, Char-Broil welcomes grillers to the next generation of gas grilling with the Char-Broil Cruise™ Gas Grill — the first gas grill that can set and maintain a cooking temperature from start to finish.

The Cruise gas grill (MSRP $699) features Cruise Control Technology which sets and maintains a cooking temperature from start to finish using the digital control dial — replacing high, medium or low knobs. The grill’s built-in auto-calibration keeps the heat consistent as you cook, allowing you to grill things in a way you never thought possible. The result is an unprecedented level of temperature control.

“The Cruise gas grill is the first gas grill of its kind to put this kind of temperature control into the hands of grillers,” says Mark Werner, president and CEO of Char-Broil. “People have come to believe that all gas grills are the same and that working hard to manage heat variations has to be part of the outdoor cooking process. We believe in ‘grilling smarter, not harder,’ so we’ve created a grill that is capable of producing reliable and consistent cooking temperatures, allowing people to spend more time enjoying every aspect of backyard cooking.”

In addition to total temperature control, the Cruise gas grill also features:

Auto Clean Mode: With the push of a button, the Cruise gas grill does the dirty work — cleaning your grill after every session with auto shut-off once the job is done.Real-Time Status Indicators: The digital control dial features color-coded rings that display your grill’s status during use.MAX Heat: The Cruise gas grill delivers an incredible temperature range with a MAX Mode capable of delivering 700+ degrees of heat across 540 square inches of cooking space for steakhouse-quality searing.Safety, Built-In: The Cruise gas grill is equipped with a built-in flame sensor that will turn the grill off if it does not ignite within a certain time or if at any point during cooking the flame goes out.Amplifire™ Cooking System: The Cruise gas grill features the patented Amplifire™ cooking system that takes grilling to another level by preventing flare-ups and helping you grill the juiciest foods you’ve ever made.

The Cruise gas grill will be available in early Spring 2022 as a Lowe’s Home Improvement exclusive.

About Char-Broil, LLC: Char‑Broil® grills are designed to give every one of our customers the tools and confidence they need to take their cookout to the next level. Our innovative technologies help grillers of all skill levels make food that’s tastier, juicier and, overall, more enticing. Just like every backyard is different, Char-Broil knows that every griller is different, and we celebrate these differences, that’s what makes Char‑Broil® grill the go-to brand for grillers to find the grill that’s right for them — whether they prefer gas, electric or even grilling on the go.

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