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Benelli to Sponsor Outdoor Solutions Long Range Shooting School Program

When world-class long-range shooting instruction pairs with a precision rifle foundation, marksmanship skill development, and hunting confidence are sure results. That is why Benelli is excited to announce its continued partnership with Outdoor Solutions’ Long Range Shooting School programs and, for 2022, sponsorship of the Utah Long Range School event. This program will take place June 10-13 at the Outdoor Solutions long-range facility near Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Long Range Shooting School is designed to reinforce practical marksmanship skills in hunters to be confident in making reliable, ethical shots on big game animals out to 400 yards. Presented by experienced long range shooters from competitive, military, and hunting backgrounds, the Long Range Shooting School curriculum instills proper shooting fundamentals. The school helps students develop techniques that ensure accurate shots at extended distances from various field shooting positions.

Reliable and accurate firearms work together with marksmanship development as they provide a constant in the training equation. Outdoor Solutions has utilized Benelli’s premium Lupo bolt action rifles for its long-range instruction, and Lupo will be the exclusive instructional firearm for this year’s Utah Long Range School event.

“Outdoor Solutions is proud to partner with a premium brand like Benelli,” said Greg Ray, Outdoor Solutions founder, and co-owner. “We’ve used the Lupo exclusively for our From Field to Table events and were so impressed that we’ve now included the Lupo in our Long Range Schools. We invite hunters interested in learning or refining their long-range shooting skills to join us for a Benelli Lupo-exclusive class from June 10 to 13, 2022, at our Utah location.”

The Benelli Lupo follows the company’s philosophy of building the most dependable and field-proven firearms on the market today. Built to the same exacting standards of performance and durability that have made Benelli the leader in the shotgun segment, the Lupo delivers numerous standard features to ensure a customizable fit for the shooter. And a 3-shot sub-MOA accuracy guarantee that big-game hunters can rely on in the harshest field conditions.

“We built the Lupo not to be an ‘also-ran’ in the crowded bolt-action rifle segment, but a new platform that stands apart for its technological innovation and reliability in the field,” said Tim Joseph, Vice President of Benelli USA Brand Marketing. “Given experienced instructors at Outdoor Solutions have tapped the Lupo as the platform for training their students in long-range shooting techniques is a humbling affirmation that the Lupo has achieved its mission.”

The Outdoor Solutions Long Range School includes lodging for three nights, three daily meals, and 2-1/2 days of classroom, range and field instruction. The class also provides use of a Benelli Lupo rifle (or you can bring your own rifle), optics, and ammunition. And most importantly, when you leave, you will be a more confident and accurate shooter.

To learn more about the Outdoor Solutions Long Range Shooting Schools or From Field to Table programs, visit

For more information on Benelli’s premium rifles and shotguns, visit

About Benelli

Benelli, headquartered in Accokeek, Maryland, offers the largest selection of semi-automatic shotguns in the world, as well as a variety of rifles. Since the company’s inception, Benelli has led the world in innovative firearm technology, including the ground-breaking Benelli Inertia Driven system, effective Comfort Tech recoil-reduction systems, and the BE.S.T. anti-corrosion coatings. Because of this commitment to innovation, they are recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of premium firearms for competitive shooters, hunters, and defense professionals.

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