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All the gear you need for ice fishing

Cut the ice and drop a line.
Cut the ice and drop a line. (Amazon/)

If you’re thinking about getting into ice fishing, or you are dabbling but would like to up your gear, we have you covered. This gear will make sure you’re staying warm and yes, it will even help you find fish. All you will need to do is buy some bait and wait for ice.

Fish don’t care how much your rod cost.
Fish don’t care how much your rod cost. (Amazon/)

You don’t need to break the bank to catch fish through the ice. This Ugly Stik has everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Its aluminum spool is light and stainless steel guides are one piece. It also comes in length and weight options, offering you a variety depending on what you’re targeting. Save money on a rod and reel to invest in your auger.

Thick ice won’t stop you.
Thick ice won’t stop you. (Amazon/)

If you’ve never ice fished before, and you’re not sure you’ll like it, this might be a little pricey. But if you know you’ll be spending plenty of time out on the ice, invest in an auger that won’t let you down. The power head is designed for higher transmission efficiency, and a brushless motor makes the digging process smooth. It’s electric, which means no messing around with gas, oil, and fumes. The best part? It’s only 15 pounds without the auger bit, so you can use your energy hauling big fish.

Stay warm out there.
Stay warm out there. (Amazon/)

Sure, if the sun is shining and wind isn’t blowing, sitting outside while ice fishing is pleasant. But when temperatures drop well below zero and a breeze picks up, sitting outside next to a hole may feel like you’re freezing. That’s where this hut comes in. It takes 60 seconds to set up, is fully insulated and squishes down to fit in a duffle on your back. And don’t worry, if it starts to feel musty inside, it has removable window panels to let a little air in.

Don’t just guess, target fish.
Don’t just guess, target fish. (Amazon /)

Why sit by a hole for hours hoping for a bite when you can know for sure if fish are swimming? This Flasher Series will get you there. It has a three-color fiber optic display that marks fish and your lure and shows you the lake bottom. The sonar allows you to hone-in on fish and fine-tune your coverage. Step up your game and catch more fish.


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