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6 Things A Beginner Hunter Needs Before Their First Trip

No matter what kind of hunting you’re excited to dive into for the first time, there is always a lot to learn and a lot to stock up on. A hunting trip is not something to do on a whim and requires quite a few essential pieces of equipment.

From hunting basics to exciting trinkets and gadgets that could improve your experience, you might never finish building your hunting gear stockpile. However, if you’re just getting started, here are the 6 most important things you’ll need to pack to take along with you every single time.

You’ll thank yourself in the long run for investing in good quality options for each of these items since you’ll use them over and over again.

Guns and Ammo or Other Weapons

Of course, the most important part of your hunting trip is your weaponry – you won’t be taking anything down without the right equipment.

You’ll need to take along your weapon of choice, whether that’s a bow or a gun, as well as any add-ons you might need for it. Ammunition, arrows for a bow, and additional pieces for your weapon such as an enhanced ALG AK trigger will be the foundation of your hunting gear.

You’ll also want to invest in a good knife to take along with you for skinning, gutting or any other cutting needs that might arise on your hunt

When it comes to your weapons, you’ll want to get advice from experts before making any purchases.

Hunting Apparel

What you wear on your hunt will have a huge impact on how it goes. There are a few things you’ll need to consider, including your own comfort and safety, and your stealth.

You’ll need to dress according to the weather – lighter clothing when it’s warm and be sure that you’re properly insulated in colder weather.

Invest in overalls, a jacket and hat as well as rain gear, preferably in camouflage. You’ll also want a few pairs of gloves and thick, heavy-duty socks. Extreme weather and waterproof boots with great grip are another essential when it comes to hunting apparel.

Do some research about the best brands for each item and try to make sure the pieces you invest in will last you a long time.


Believe it or not, your hunting backpack is an absolutely crucial piece of equipment and will play a major role in the success of your hunt. A good hunting pack will fit all the gear you need without being overly heavy or taking up too much space.

The backpack you choose is extremely personal and will depend on a few things – your weapon of choice, the game you’re hunting, and your size, amongst others. Fortunately, there’s a backpack to suit every need and plenty of guidelines to help you make sure you make the right decision.

Once again, chat with an expert to help you choose if you’re not sure.

Navigation Tools

When it comes to navigation, you have a few options to choose from. You could go down the route of a traditional handheld GPS navigation device, a wristwatch, or opt for a good navigation app on your smartphone.

There are different devices in each of these categories with different levels of functionality, suited to different needs. There are some that are best suited to hunting, and others designed for boats.

Check out reviews online for the best navigation options available for hunters and be sure to compare a few different devices before settling on one.

First Aid Kit

Ideally, you’re not going to be getting injured on your first hunting trip, or any hunting trip, but you always have to be prepared for the worst. Carrying a proper medical kit can make the world of difference in the case of an emergency.

You’ll want to make sure you have a few different types of bandages, gauze and tape, as well as some kind of wound treatment and disinfectant. Along with these, you’ll need painkillers, anti-inflamation medicine and an antihistamine of choice, in case of any allergic reactions.

Of course, any chronic medications you need will have to be packed too, alongside any emergency medications you think might be a good idea.

Other Gear

There are a few other gizmos and gadgets that might not necessarily be essential, but are definitely recommended to a hunter of any level.

These include items such as a small headlamp for darker hours of hunting (late evening or very early mornings). You could also pack some rope or cord, shears or clippers, matches and some tissue paper.

There are a few other hunting items that might intrigue you – decoys, binoculars, scent killers, etc. While these can be great additions to your hunting pack and might make a major difference, they’re definitely not essentials and aren’t necessary for a beginner hunter. You can start looking into items like these once you’re more experienced and start branching out.

Final Thoughts on Beginning Hunting

Your hunting skills are important – but they’ll only be able to take you so far. Investing in the right gear is imperative to a good and successful hunt, as well as crucial for your health and safety on a trip.

Ensure that you invest in durable and reliable weapons, apparel, backpacks and navigation in order to ensure that these perform well while you’re on a hunt and last you for years. Hunting is an intense sport, and durability in your gear will matter when it comes to harsher weather conditions and long days out.

Being well-prepared for a trip is the first step in really enjoying the experience – having the right gear will allow you to truly immerse yourself in the experience, forget about everything else around you, put your head down and get lost in the hunt.

Being well-protected and properly equipped simply makes this easier and more comfortable, as with any type of outdoor adventure. Grab your gear, get outside and immerse yourself in the natural world for a few days!

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