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Beyond The Grid: Giant Marco Polo Rams

Travel halfway around the world to hunt for a “gold-medal double” on giant Marco Polo rams with Guy Eastman in Tajikistan. Eastman and family friend, Bryan Martin hunt a giant world record class Marco Polo ram near the border of Afghanistan. To harvest a giant marco polo ram in Asia, hunters must overcome extreme altitudes, barren terrain, and must match wits with one of the most elusive and cunning big game animals on the planet. Hunting for giant Pamir rams is not for the faint of heart, and to hunt them on foot in a spike camp at 16,500 feet during November is more than most hunters can muster. Watch to see how these two mountain hunters challenge themselves in one of the toughest climates on earth to try and bring home one of the largest and most coveted big game prizes in all of the world. This Marco Polo sheep hunt is a dream three generations in the making for the Eastman family. Nearly 60 years in the making, Beyond the Grid TV heads to the nearly uninhabitable Pamir mountains of Tajikistan in this episode.


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