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Best Turkey Mouth Calls

Wild Turkey Hens

Best Turkey Mouth Calls from Raised Hunting

When it comes to options for the best turkey mouth call on the market it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Manufacturers give hunters dozens and dozens of options with different reed and cut designs to create every different sound and tones one hunter could muster up short of being a live hen. When it comes to finding the best turkey mouth call the toughest part is not finding one, it is finding what is best for you at your skill level. Whether you are just starting or are a veteran of turkey diaphragms, practice creates confidence and is one of those skills that allows you to graduate into better calls as your skills increase. 

Primos Hunting, Curved Hooks, Hook Series

The Primos Hunting name is one that is synonymous with success in the turkey woods. The Primos Hunting Hook Series is a fantastic line of calls  featuring a wide range of latex cut designs to produce phenomenal raspy and other authentic hen sounds. The Curved Hooks mouth call is one of the best turkey mouth calls on the market because of the unique crew cut design. It is a triple reed with premium latex at an affordable price. It’s not terribly difficult to control as a triple reed design but gives you all the benefits of the raspy and volume of a triple reed. 

Primos Curved Hook Mouth Call

Woodhaven Yellow Jacket

Woodhaven Calls Is quickly becoming a common name amongst turkey hunters. The Yellow Jacket is a great turkey mouth call because of the easier to use double reed design.The top reed of the diaphragm features boss hen cuts on each side.These features make the Yellow Jacket one of the best turkey mouth calls. Because of the latex design, this call is excellent for making Kee-Kee and deep, consistent yelp sounds.

Woodhaven Turkey Call

H.S. Strut

H.S.Strut has some of the best turkey mouth calls and have been trusted by turkey hunters for the past several decades. One of the best in the line this year is a collaboration between Hunters Specialties, and Drury Outdoors called the Ghost Tongue. By tightening up the reed spacing and leaving a flat tongue instead of a pointed tongue, hunters get more performance out of this new series of mouth calls. The Ghost Tongue is a ghost cut design with 3 reeds measuring  .003 in thickness. 006 that is often standard in turkey mouth calls making the Ghost tongue easier to handle.The Drury line of mouth calls is hand-stretched on precision presses and are extremely affordable.

H.S. Strut Turkey Mouth Call

Quaker Boy

Some of the best turkey mouth calls come from Quaker Boy. Their mouth call line has incredible quality and design. Made in the USA, the quality of latex is unmatched for season-long use.  Screamin’ Green Nasty Old Hen is one mouth call you’ll not want to overlook.  The Screaming Green latex is actually thinner than the traditional white latex at .003 thickness. Thinner latex means it’s easier to get that deep rasp from the triple reed design.

Turkey mouth calls are not hard to come by.  Finding the right one for you and your skill level takes a bit of time and patience. Don’t be afraid of diving into the world of mouth calls. They can take your turkey hunting game to the next level. 

Quaker Boy Mouth Call

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