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Bargain Hunter: Shop these Amazing Deals on Scopes, Knives, Trailcameras, and other Gear

Whether you’re a hunter, angler, shoot, camper, or just someone who enjoys spending time away from the trailhead, your gear can make or break a trip. We know you want to buy the best gear you can afford, which is why we created Bargain Hunter. Our team is working directly with some of the best outdoor brands in the business to bring you good deals and discount promotions—including some exclusive offers you won’t find anywhere else. We hope this helps you get the gear you want without breaking the bank.

Bookmark this page in your browser and check back every week to see a new list of discounted gear. Here are the deals for the week of November 3 through November 10, 2019.

Survival Frog—An Outdoor Life Exclusive

Spend $50 on a href=
Spend $50 on between November 3 and November 10, 2019, and you'll be automatically entered to win a $300 Survival Frog All-in-One Bug Out Bag that includes over six different survival kits. This promotion is only available through Outdoor Life. (Survival Frog/)


'Save $250 on a href=
Save $250 on Leupold RX-2600 TBR rangefinders. (price: $350; reg: $600) (Leupold/)


Save 50 percent on a href=
Save 50 percent on Cabela's Deluxe Fisherman Series Tackle Bags. (price: $30; reg: $60) (Cabela's/)


'Save $20 on a href=
Save $20 on Butterball Electric Turkey Fryers. (price: $80; reg: $100) (Butterball/)


'Save $170 on a href=
Save $170 on Garmin Oregon 750t Handheld GPS units. (price: $380; reg: $550) (Garmin/)


'Save $20 on a href=
Save $20 on Foxpro Patriot Electronic Game Calls. (price: $120; reg: $140) (Foxpro/)


'Save 40 percent a href=
Save 40 percent on Bushnell Nitro Rifle Scopes and receive a FREE Havalon Baracuda knife with every purchase. (price: $240; reg: $400) (Bushnell/)


'Save 25 percent on a href=
Save 25 percent on Leatherman FREESTYLE and STYLE CS multitool bundles. (price: $37.50; reg: $50) (Leatherman/)


'Save 25 percent on a href=
Save 25 percent on Gerber Dime Micro Tools. (price: $15; reg: $20) (Gerber/)


'Save $50 on a href=
Save $50 on Bushnell Trophy Cam Aggressor Trail Cameras. (price: $100; reg: $150) (Bushnell/)


Save $50 on a href=
Save $50 on Cabela's 10-tray Deluxe Dehydrators. (price: $100; reg: $150) (Cabela’s/)


'Save $100 on a href=
Save $100 on Masterbuilt MES 140S Digital Electronic Smokers. (price: $250; reg: $350) (Masterbuilt/)


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