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Badass Tents Company Backgrounder – Bringing Powersports Expertise and 56 years of Plastics Manufacturing Expertise to the Rooftop Tent Market

Badass Tents® engineers and manufacturers Made-in-USA high-performance rooftop tents for discerning outdoor enthusiasts who live the “go-big or go-home” life. With over 20 years’ experience in the demanding powersports industry, and 56+ years in the plastics and composites industries, Badass Tents (also known as BA Tents) used this yardstick to develop next-level modern tents that exceed all current market expectations, performance that enhance consumer enjoyment and reduce carbon footprint.

Roger Davis founded Badass Tents in 2020. He rallied his engineering & manufacturing teams to use their knowledge of powersport aerodynamics and durable plastics, used in commercial, automotive and medical products, to develop best-in-class rooftop tents that someone like him would be proud to install on their vehicles. Being an avid off-roader and camper, he saw an opportunity to develop rooftop tents that fit in your garage, don’t add wind noise or reduce gas milage and offer a better aesthetic through a streamlined design that integrates with vehicles and most importantly, look Badass. Some of the patented features like the moonroof and 360-degree views utilized in BA Tents were inspired by his love of bringing the outside in and watching the spectacular desert night skies and surroundings. The modular design makes BA Tents easy to ship in a flatpack to consumers, and dealers, for an easy assembly and installation.

When Davis conceptualized the company, he wanted to name it after his beautiful wife Danielle, who shares his passion for the outdoors with their family. When discussing this with her, she raised an eyebrow and said, “I don’t know about that idea, the only thing I can think of is my nickname, Badass.” The light turned on and Roger imagined that you would never forget a name like Badass Tents. The couple enjoys taking their two young children and Goldendoodle on their adventures and showing them the wonders of the world.

“Badass Tents are for people who live for the next adventure,” explained Badass Tents Founder Roger Davis. “They demand the best from themselves and the products they choose. They want something that not only performs, but looks great doing so – period.”

Learn more about Badass Tents and how they can improve your outdoor experience at Follow them on Instagram, Facebook and see the latest videos on YouTube.

About BadAss Tents:

Founded in 2020, BadAss Tents revolutionizes the rooftop tent category through its patented design and durable quality components. The Made-in-USA tents integrate with vehicle roofs to provide better performance and aesthetics in transit and when fully deployed. BadAss Tents (also known as BA Tents) are field-tested under real-life scenarios in the mountains, desert and at the beach near the company’s San Diego headquarters. Learn more at

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