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Okayest Hunter Hat

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (October 9th, 2021) – A growing brand in the outdoor hunting apparel market is nurturing a movement of average hunters that love the outdoors and can laugh at themselves. 

Okayest Hunter, a hunting and outdoor apparel brand, has diversified itself to reach more like-minded hunters from across the outdoor spectrum. “It’s been incredible to see the number of men and women that identify with being an OK hunter, says Eric Clark, Co-Founder of Okayest Hunter. 

Clark says the brand launched in June of 2020 as an apparel brand and social media channel aimed at poking fun at average hunters while raising money for nature conservation. After only a few months, the jokes and memes identified with hunters from around the United States. “Hunting is all about having fun and making memories with your family and friends. Okayest Hunter reflects the culture in so many ways, and we’re seeing people really identify with the brand.”

Okayest hunters from across the country are now tuning in to a podcast of the same name that is a top 100 podcast in the Wilderness category on Apple Podcasts. There’s also a weekly email and blog that keeps people engaged across mediums. Sales of merchandise have been up significantly, while interest in the mission has skyrocketed. Stickers are being slapped on bow cases, coolers, and coffee mugs as a subtle reminder throughout the day that it’s your tag, and your hunt.

“We fielded over 70 applicants that were interested in the mission that wanted to join the Okayest Hunter Crew to help support our mission.” says Clark. Hunters from around the US wrote in why they felt they should be a part of what Okayest Hunter is doing. “I’m an avid hunter who loves the experiences, laughs, and memories more than filling my tag,” one member wrote in their application. 

Okayest Hunter is planning several in-person events for 2022, including an industry trade show as well as hosting their own 3D archery shoot at a local WI brewery. 

Though a growing outdoor brand is great for Clark, it’s not the reason he set out to create the community. “I do this because I’m an OK hunter, and we want all hunters, wherever they are at on their hunting journey, to feel welcomed to the lifestyle.”

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