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Arizona Credit Card Deadline…

Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal Feature Cody Vine


The Arizona Game and Fish Department has announced the deadline for updating credit card information and purchase of point guard as 11:59 PM MST on March 1. If history is any indication, this means the behind-the-scenes portion of the draw will have been completed by that time and all that will remain is for payment to be processed for those lucky souls who were drawn. So, starting on March 2 start watching those bank statements and credit card accounts for any charges from AZ Game & Fish Dep.

Once those charges begin popping up, keep a few things in mind:

Resident elk tags incur a charge of $135 (the $13 application fee is deducted when you apply) and a nonresident elk tag will run $650. Resident antelope tags = $90, Nonresident = $550 There is no correlation between when your card is charged and what hunt choice was drawn.

Link to AZGFD



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