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Annoying Things People Do At The RV Park

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dog in RV park - feature image for annoying things people do while camping

Keep dogs from barking incessantly. Photo: Shutterstock

We have all been in a campground where at least one of these annoying activities occured. If not, you might be the perpetrator and not even be aware of it.

Commiserate with me as I list off these actions that we all wish would stop in order to make our camping experience more pleasant. This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some of the annoying things people do in RV parks.

Common campground rule breaking

Loud and disruptive campers Letting pets off leashes Leaving dog poop in public areas or your campsite Letting kids run around the park unsupervised Speeding through the campground Ignoring quiet hours Overcrowding vehicles


sign of campground rules for annoying things people do at the RV park

Sometimes there are a lot of RV park rules, but following them is really just common sense.

Unwritten RV park rules that should be common sense

Walk around, not through campsites Don’t leave fires unattended (or create lots of smoke) Clean up after yourself in public areas (pools, bathrooms, laundry rooms, central lodges) Don’t leave food out and attract unwanted guests Don’t leave trash at your site for the next unsuspecting RVer Don’t interrupt RVers who are trying to set up camp (or trying to pack up to leave)Do something about your continuously barking dog


RVers working together makes a quick fix out of a small park problemRVers working together makes a quick fix out of a small park problem

Helpful resources for handling annoying campers

Check outcampground reviews. You can usually find out which campground do not enforce park rules or which ones regularly have rule-breaking campers. You can also find out if there are specific times or holidays that campers recommend you not use certain RV parks. Tune in to the only RV manners program called “Hi Lucy”. The program is aired onMyRVRadioeveryday and offers RV etiquette solutions to the annoying things people do in RV parks. It’s also a convenient way to share a hint or tip with an annoying neighbor too. Ask them to tune in so they can learn something! Search for tips onforumsorsocial media. If there is an annoying camper, there is a video or post or group that gives you all types of answers on how to deal with the problem. Just look it up online and you will find ways to approach the problem that work for your personality.

Surviving RV rule breakers

Don’t be a nosy neighbor. Be sure you are not the one that is being overly picky about someone else’s actions. Give people space to enjoy their vacation as well. Start with the campground host. Don’t take matters into your own hands. This can lead to conflict and a miserable stay beside a neighbor who dislikes you. Let the campground enforce their own rules. Rules or no rules. Remember some expectations are not guided by campground rules. Some unwritten rules are common courtesy. If your neighbor has no common courtesy, consider how much disruption is taking place and whether you need to address it or not. It the action temporary? Can you live with it for a few days? Documentation. If you feel like a situation is going to require intervention, document when the issue is occurring and provide proof where possible. Use written, video, or eyewitness documentation. When to act.  If the annoying campers’ actions endanger yourself or others, action should be taken. The level of severity will depend on who you contact first. You may call the campground for minor rule issues. You may need to call the police for illegal activity.    

Be a courteous camper

Hopefully you follow all the written AND unwritten rules while camping. If you discovered you do some of these things, I hope you have learned you don’t want to be one of those annoying people in your next RV campground.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand what they are experiencing. They are not the same vacationer or camper you are. They have come to this park based on the parks’ offerings and amenities. Try not to interfere with those reasons, whether they are actual written rules or not.


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