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Rinehart Targets® Offers Three Big Game Target Options in its Woodland 1/3 Scale Series for Affordable, Realistic Practice Sessions this Season

Janesville, WI —Since the introduction of the first Rinehart 1/3 Scale Woodland Series Target, fans of the Rinehart Targets® brand just can’t get enough of these miniature big game 3D targets. Not only has Rinehart made it more affordable to take aim at an elk, caribou, or moose in your own backyard; thanks to the company’s innovative designs, when placed at 60-yards, all three simulate a 20-yard shot of the full-sized animal making your practice sessions both effective and fun.

“Our Woodland 1/3 Scale Series targets give shooters the quality and details of a full-sized Rinehart big game animal at a 1/3-scale size and price – offering a more affordable solution for realistic practice sessions for your big game hunts without having to invest in a full-sized animal,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets.

All three 1/3-Scale Woodland Series targets incorporate lifelike sculpted features and painted details for an incredibly realistic resemblance to the real animal. Each target is strategically shrunk down in size to an exact 1/3-scale replica of the live animal. The 1/3 Scale Elk target measures 38-inches tall, and 44-inches long. The 1/3 Scale Caribou measures 42-inches tall and 45-inches long. The 1/3 Scale Moose (Rinehart’s newest member of the pack) measures 36-inches tall and 31-inches long. Whichever animal you choose, its petite size will help you perfect your long-range shot, plus make transporting from the truck to camp and back again easy. And with suggested retail pricing just around $225 for each, even more shooters can practice taking on their dream trophy.

Like all Rinehart Woodland Series targets, all three 1/3 scale animals are constructed with the company’s solid FX Woodland Foam with a replaceable core made from Rinehart’s Signature Series foam. This means the target can take hits from the fastest arrows, and thanks to its self-healing foam core, arrow removal is also a snap. This unique foam construction also ensures the target is resistant to UV rays and harsh winter weather, making them ideal for year-round practice in the backyard or in the field. Plus, should countless seasons of shooting sessions finally take its toll, replacing the target core is fast and simple with Rinehart’s exclusive patented, locking insert system (sold separately).

About Rinehart Targets
Since 1999 Rinehart Targets has been manufacturing the Best Archery Targets in the World. Today, the company continues to expand on its wide range of archery targets offered including: 3D Targets, Cube Targets, Crossbow Targets, Bag Targets and Range Targets. For more information about Rinehart Targets, visit:

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